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End This: October 2003

The Moot Back To Havingsnot Is Always A Shorter Trip
  09/30/03 2050
Oh, the wisdoms afoot for Neilsy! I hear you feeling real bad about missing a Pat performance but someone needs to help you dial the priority number-fact correctly. This is not ours to know until a few moments before showtime the risks too great of - having to, being there? Us to you a gain? Blacks know, for example, that about forty dollars ($40.00) of cash in ones will pop a safe open in a few days if placed under water. That of course means a little advance preparation with the cash and all - but a dollar less may not see you the contents supreme as in mysteries only. Other than that, assume nothing breathes like cash in the vault. A coin's worth of contemplate sees its song. Now, Neilsy - you were important enough to allude to but I get tired of embracing the simple fact in and of your style-choices to no cause for it. I too live with fact-choices made time and time again yet to you in sounds unseen and that I will apologize for but only in court and under vow oath. Willful proceedings again world yet a bigger bargain. Be the bigger of us both and end the note to. Your brother down hurt I got that yes and thus acts accordingly with. Trample to that. Behind it a wall of, we were simply there and have it still like I grip the mind that got theirs first and made all happen to it my every song. It guides me off down out. My memory paid in pennies for a new suit and table wax yet still I ate nothing I knew. Bless this back to me or to thus fool. My pennies are always on fool but as my bitch beckons it, a battery need take place. Yours to assault or mind? Our love is astray but willing to penny you down tidbits half-hearts simplesays groans a mauling testfirst teeth bitters. Similarly but off-color here, I need-hated my mother's "Oh, just move on" until I simply throw your hogtied ass out of a French plane fought with no wings. A brick tied to your back may confirm your sensory landing at twice the bell. Only a desert's dry-spell could make it this nicer. By the way, I made an audience in Hawaii hear you on a phone call from three (3) years ago. It goes "Yeah, tell them when they pay me, I'll be there - sats the same. No offers - 'til do." I laugh being a little booger, but people didn't like it too much. I laughed.    

Never The Pair And What Is Crisco Anyway Finally Answered 09/30/03 1703
I know people can find out stuff like this on their own but I have it all in one place and that's what makes it quite attractive to the sort that might consider the monogram of purse flap, corresponding macrowallet extended onceway by it malice chained, an ancillary checkbook riser, and to the fine appointment affords of an altasearch keychain. Know thy enemy grace. Below, Christ asks in query that I not offer my mistakens (my answer-responses all canned by thinnest but tensile hate forth to the same of in seemingly said to ask) as 'us' in any tandem. I honor that softly. To be reduced to this I ensure. I just cooked up some sausages (for button medallions I dine to you knife but fork) and what is Crisco made out of anyway? Simplist vegetable oils? What vegetables? The label says "soybeans" - we digress (mistake ourselves - no oil in that). Truth is away from truth, that it's sometimes beets (oil then comes from a skin only), but mostly not. Peanuts only. Not a 'peanut oil' per say, the resultant oils (once drawn by pressure and heat) is made pure (or scentless) with further extracts and conditionings. Touch-small adds in (herbs to counter freshness or there sparks - this is deadly in potential I seem) and flavors out (by chroma or color filter - color is substance flavor they are one in this alchemy and all alchemies to forth - see water once colored and known). Crisco is virtually (said "factually" if le must) "Saffron" (see French dialects fail us - this object flowers as known and is only heretofore peanuts, mainly, what is peanuts denatured or colored off). Know better of it see more here finally. You and Christ (seem the namesake "Christ Co." redone to "crisolphia" - advance no relation to 'drisophila' or fruit flies no that is somehow elegant - but means "a virgin flower's scent as no fruit as hidden beneath dirt in the wells of harming us" and then both all back to the Christ Company or then usurped by the Crisolphia Company the only peanut is this in Latin say "cris-olp-tia" to mean "of the peanut this") both think Crisco is tops for food. Made by Cuba until 1948. Florida - Cuba at dress - took over and made less of a good thing happen at once to bargain. People really like Mazola though. C-Co. make this too. Only Wesson does it better. Wesson is the ancillary US Army again (ancillary means less than said or hires strangers our meaning). See that at once neck-and-neck and next to it. Corn flavors nothing like you never knew. Say Crisco to me.    

Left To Be This Grease No Czar Lives Me 09/30/03 1416
I took a quick look at "Grease 2" an unwanted concept all-told - we redo the fifties to sound once never not twice. Not with my guildings - get that Schmed boy in here to baste the brew (they did him like I did Babytalk - right up the world-stage ass 1978 what's that with me? no). A few reveals: You can't fault the extraordinary beauty of prefound Maxwell Caulfield and then on to Michelle Pfieffer but lastly - they did what they could but still now - how-why? You didn't see this in the theater that sticks to me trust yourself then finally. Simply no but thanks for excluding what may have followed you the queen said no to art hash. Caulfield is the reincarnation of Czar Nicholas (of Alexandria fame I read that book, sure - well, most it I come in and get rude and then bored off as Rasputin tending to the boy Alexi's minor needs). And Alexi whom? Jason Priestley (mind none of the pictures presented in life are real, but close enough to fact royal courts hem you with look-alikes no death besumes you or frees you yet). See how I make all well on the inside and the outside too? Michelle Pfieffer is no one to me yet. Soon though. A star is at once forever - save this. Be remade to it. No, a fascist appears when you are sick or destitute I've seen this happen. You barely have a home alone and with no teeth in your head get sick one day as your dreamlot burns down uninsured for lacking to note and in that marley haze appear angelses Dou(g) - some of them are black. You've never seen people so perfect (no dots....) amidst you for fear of them having it in you. For fear of them seeing that you could in-fact possibly be here you are not real after all. That is Fascism - keeping beauty away from sighted harm. I do it for sure or less. I know what I like about it.

Know This 09/30/03 1357
Let's face the facts together at once. Simply, I work a miracle beside you as turning your hand on the dial. I've already murdered you with my candid truths if to still die of it, but I intend to investigate and answer to my very own interests afoot a trunk not half to full. After so much to the simply taken miraculous still of you seek to me in humbled way (having to ask, then morely thinking to know). Maybe I delight you also. It's like that burlish (um, caters to the 'having to be seen doing or being' crowd what might ask of?) stud gun on TV "amaze your friends" all them rhinestones drawing attention to each a minute (say it like "my-newt" - get this joke at least once you have). Sound like you know.

On This Day We Question The Fact 09/30/03 1344
To preface, I answer the junk someone dare send to my probe within your words - take little but see nothing new to me I made him answer me again like I do that's right I made him do it at will see this finally:
Q: How real or important is the virgin birth? F: The only birth was my own. You are not born. I ruled, you do not rule me. You die - that's enough for me. I never died by you. You see nothing. Q: Did Jesus mean to start a new religion? F: I never made a religion - you did. I didn't die making a religion happen - that's for sure. You die making them. I live to see it. My religion is God. Yours, your own. End quote "Timely people make of the day, not the news." I say "Timely people are no one." Stick close to bone. We do what we do. Q: Metaphor or fact? F: We don't use argument against people. Stay dumb, be this. We need you. You needed to be somebody else. We use you still. Q: What is the true story and deeper message of Easter? A: I came back to rule you after having you say. I do this often. I joke with you and suffer for it too. You die enough not to bother with the likes of me. An eternity to you with me. That's the message. Q: Christ "the way, the truth, the life". Is Jesus the only way? A: I am the only way but I don't buy you. Buying you is receiving you. I pay for little. You pay for things because you have no interest at stake. I do. You suffer and die and I work hard to amend it. End this with me or work harder than you do. I worked hard. You worked little yet. I amend it with you on all days forth. You work with me, but not as such. I do not work, really - but I do. I work you, basically. Work then and be free of it. Q: What does Jesus mean in your life? F: If you were meant to know anything to any great degree, you would and have that. You know nothing as free and demented in my scheme. Stop asking to receive and get nothing from it. I made you to be like me but not as me. Have meaning in that. Your meanings - so vague to a wit so unvagary. On the mend, I need to be useful also. Use that. (The "F" is for fact, of little thought. We are sad for this. I'm sad now.) † Bless you your grace as seen. Soon to you yet.

Josie And The Pussycats Play That Idea On A Sears Silvertone Then Harvest Their Parts 09/29/03 2019
I was just cautioned about the live-action "Josie And The Pussycats" coming to the tube. Did you see "Scooby Doo"? What a piece of shit. That thing - with all those creepy fart jokes - needed to die as an idea - so stupid and yet so still-formed a loaf of bread. Simply a piece of shit you knew this. "Scooby Doo" and "Josie And The Pussycats" are two of the best cartoons ever done for you. Scooby Doo is wildly good but now shamed not. Nothing is funnier than Alexandria and that smart-ass cat Alexander in "Josie" always scheming it "like two tits in an ass-probe." Here's hoping for anything good friends made "Scooby Doo" that sucked so bad silver bullet now enjoying Elton "Dirty Little Girl" from iTunes the lyric yes thank you Bernie Taupin was-is dress-gown mayville Bob Mackie also.

Digital Let's Talk About That For A Minute 09/27/03 1548
You know, digital, in fact, is only saving to have as such. So - no tv there.  Digital means "saved as binary (two dots for 'off' and 'on'" and no more. You can transport the code, but not show as such. As soon as it is read and sent it is then "langol" or "left to interpretation" and that is not binary code. We save to digits to avoid your scent and that is not your code fixed to know it yet.

A Mere Dad Running Up To You On The Beach In Heaven? Invokes Me The Secret Of NIMH 09/27/03 1526
I'm watching Connie Foster in the movie "Contact" as written by Carl Sagan ("The Demon-Haunted World") and laugh at what was built to transport Jodie over the miles to me. The machine - and this works - is actually meant to transport God to you by interest and excitement. We don't move flesh, we move mind mostly. The script (and well-done) was written by David Koepp ("Jurassic Park", "Panic Room", "Spiderman" etc. and onward) a relative of mine still who hates intrusions. His real name is Will and he began his office in 1987 when we both moved to California (we lived in the same building for years until then began and we suffered). He didn't get credit for "Contact" as usual (Foster was donated the rights to and that precludes screenwriting credit as already formulated, mostly, excepting added dialogues), but he did get paid. Good enough earn your way. Spot off.     

The Best (Or Worst) Lie I Ever Told By Farks 09/27/03 1235
Don't write off the Farks for simply being mean -  I read the "anti-porn" guy's notes on homosexuals and I was cautioned to accept all as my only truth. After all, a certain amount of "feces" described by me makes sense when "nothing bad comes out of the boy" my quote (I might get real sick of being with the barn, though). Then, see this great thread about best and worst lies told by you. I simply understand where that is in me. Back in the Summer of 1976, I had to lie to this older girl "Karen" about going to see Elton John at the Spectrum in Philly ("my parents are taking me" - play there with your band and you then know whether or not you made it - simply tops anywhere you go an event happens there). Karen had every Elton John record every last one and their magical insides were revealed at will to touch. As lowly fan, I had to defend myself somehow - you understand this and how it happens to you now.   

Charlotte Anne I Do Understand 09/27/03 1201
Two things I scrubbed up at are Coldplay's "Clocks (Live)" from MTV UK and Cranberries "Linger (Live)" both you get by descending to "Bands" then "Bands - Browse Bands" then within alphas "C" - no direct links here to prove you. Ask to see all videos on each register and then note they are both full-length. Michael Vartan you sing me in UK only. Have a house here in LA that's big enough for the both of us yet. Song for mothers who hate us but send anyway: Julian Cope "Charlotte Anne" by "My Nation Underground" (1988) and then to forth. We love it to you. We love it sacred text.

The Only Thing Worse Than Feeling Bad For You Is Then Having To Say Something Nice 09/26/03 1558
Just saw Pat Benatar perform a new song from the "Go" LP as filmed yesterday for "Ellen - The Ellen DeGeneres Show" simply airing on NBC. It's nice to see-hear her brush all up in a minute's time for fans - still here it's still clear. During airing I blushed at the Neilsy character shadowed with hat on maybe-maybe not. Maybe not as I understand it, but the audience knows for sure - all fourteen (14) of them actually present - and now you do too, Macks. No in song after the dead see. Good going though. And I quote Neil in the head while watching and marveling "That's not her, really - she's just being faked. [Some girl named] Denise...." Fuck you know how I really feel. Ellen warned of her own impending doom on tv with a new show being announced ("yeah, yeah - sure we kept the old sets the bookstore and all" but it turns out to be a good enough talk show pastiche in passing we'll do (that was Philly by the way, not Kansas - couldn't get a release to show my city done plus digits we saw you do them before - Philly is grace itself and very cosmopolitan England at home). No more. Rosie's old time slot with you and Madonna I'll do it back. I'll do it. Other: Madonna's been messing with Wrigley's gum new labels and all with God-like as the blackest "Big Red" (and then Juicy-Fruit slurpees? I'm there - this does this). I stop in to Virgin Megastore often to get a few free sticks of Big Red - her favorite I hear and individually wrapped in volume dispensers. Sure, on my way to or from McDonald's still a fast-food pilgrimage I tease Ray Kroc once inside by reading his plaque to him and talking about quality assurance issues. Kroc still runs the place you know from the above and he's here too. I love McDonald's too much to say anything more. By the way, Boy George owned Virgin - all of it outright. He made God happen here by being a superstar and is all that is Virgin. Branson? Lewis (George - I don't know this name myself)? Not players - they work for Boy George who just died recently (heart attack - coke, miserable bitch, in Paraguay - we talked recently). To be back though to France.
I Get Paid In Fear And To Rise Way Above You In Benevolence Kind 09/26/03 1356
I was so pleased last night WebCrawler got a new look going on just as soon as I finalized my own little logo for them in Adobe Photoshop (I convert all GIF files taken lightly to JPEG files by select all and then copy to paste in a new window that sizes with me saved as such only to my JPEG - nevermind you I need clarities in depth shrinking and grow an amateur does this). Thanks will redo. So I do a requisite search on me own name "Doug Moon" (I had to rebuild my status, my worshipship if you will) and find this delightful wreck of a hint called Farks from deep within the past. Oh, the joy of knowing better about me a superior mind never sends but sits on the answer (but simple key: "antiporn" thinks of "women are lackluster - not my kind" challenge translate "never once got there on my own like sure does - speedramp to glory found" - take a tip, describe better I love porn cultures enough). Fe fi fo fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman these are Geri's retarded kids I know it. And now to beat you back down the beanstalk you know the type always trying to kill the goose before it lays the golden egg. I'd let ya keep talking to me. By the way, we use the Adelphia cable company for all need access and no they don't mention e-mail limits in sending stuff at all but we know they're there. I love the sex stuff on excess cable now too I can hardly believe it sometimes so amateur again yet so satisfying at times in my own words to you. 

Having Using Cable DSL With No Longer The Bloodletting Of Dial Up 09/25/03 1835
You know, with finally getting cable DSL (DSL is for "direct server line" - a "T1" to you at home, Sweetness) and all channels you may think of at one low price of one hundred dollars ($100.00) a month, I now know what root rates for basic cable here in Los Angeles were striving to pay for. Oh, sure - they market-scramble the picture on cable tv every now and again to suggest a digital value in checkerblocks, but I see only thin truth - it governs me back to saned and mono-aural. True digital? Heh - as if the information band ("Um, in this epidose Mister Ed tastes a woman's shit in his hay. Wilbur responds with fresheners and a tart harangue about talking to strangers for too long. Sexual situations blanded beyond oral scope. A real dumb learner from the likes of the US Army and then Elvis - a redeliver it if you can. Be doubt." I'll never forget the joy of Direct-TV (the initial pioneering glory of that technology then had by you and once me at a cabin in Minnesota on the fingerlakes that was long ago, sure) and neither will cable ("no to terminus, you can't just install any of moderns dish right here on your newer indoor in outdoor gaudio let us to fear hears it too an x-ray tube says this to also and my momosat not me non-us"). With DSL there is no waiting for anything to bleed to death on down to you via phone line, you just point and shoot it down to freshly dead - a real digikill to me a molar (Spanish for "tooth pulled straight out - a pig for it"). How in fact does DSL do better with pulses of light just making on and off? Using sheer powerses. Cable DSL will cobe your meat with over one hundred twenty (120) volts of people-pleasing purples. Unlike phone lines and their humble requests to reciprocate, a DSL writes direct to disk with no flaws seen and you trust it like the cat without claws. No, DSL won't let you upload any more sizes of e-mail ("it's to get more out of us - not to have more sent by you to you after all you paid nothing anyway an abuse integrator") and your web access dial-up will probably reject the note by you unless dialed in on ours that's not coming through us by you yet. With Mac Mail you can reject the both of us made up already using HotPop (POP mail for remote servers and other stylish mayhems - there is no mail bureau or inbox here so don't even look for one "where's my mail at in here?" cracks the code I fucked the upper joke again) for sending elicits I get mostly vour junk anyway. I guess it's all worth it, Fribe (one who calls and forgets why).   

Drilling Down On The Precious Timeseses There Doug 09/25/03 1029
You know, I had to love Neil after writing that stuff about him last night. If I must. And now the real story behind such treasures as the single "Precious Time": Neil came home to his mother "Ceil" (for "Celestia" not "Celestine" she changed to avoid the Spanish-sounding inflect I don't mind it at all that name Russian I suppose - Pavliks) in New Jersey with a new haircut from "Arbers" a hair shop in Parsippany, New Jersey - sorta like "Act II". His mother said "Looks like a 'precious time' there with the bangs and all" (meaning "too much time on your hands to cut or do this to me"). Neil then said "I'll need to write a song about that and change the lyric to fit my day: a broad and a big mouth to show it off to me. Gently inspired by nothing. I like it that way." So there ya have it - sixteen (16) re-writes and that story for me. They showed the video on VH-1 Classic yesterday I paid for that album once I heard "Fire And Ice" and no more stories from you ("a teenager in trouble sees butterfly vixen and on come the lights overhead in magnetic blue - 'yield to this' it said to me...").    

Makes One Hell Of A Cheesesteak Too With The Onions And All  09/25/03 0930
From the "If you do this to him [it'll be just like when you did it to me]" files: I'd still like to see a music database (like the IMDb for movies, shows) and worthy of my own talents surface before need a la retail does worthy of me. Then when I tell you that I met uber-producer Stephen Hague while staying in New Jersey, you would know all of the pertinent facts: made Pet Shop Boys' first two (2) redoubles plus some (from the near-less de-inspirations of Bobby O to in fact - money didn't have anything to say to it "West End Girls" nearly left to die of broad-banding), other stuff like Siouxsie And The Banshees "Kiss Them For Me", The Other Two (of New Order) "Selfish", Jane Wiedlin "Rush Hour" more and more yet a big name does these. Stephen died in 1989 (of Neshaminy) as I hear it and returns to the fray by my order too (no, he didn't know who I was at the time neither - by God no one to you). When I met him he was working a grill at my little temp job - musta made me about one hundred cheesesteaks by then to now. Since we talked in the head after the fact ("Was that a daily furlough from jail, too? Still a bit hostile, huh.") I may know more of it. Is mean and controlling Philly add up to NYC, mother threw away studio from what he worked his batches in magical alloy. Now needs a new AMPEX studio (not for full-fledge recording - just the facts you have no material wealth as I hear it correct me with yours) to happen for him as now. Is working with Pet Shop Boys on thirteen (13) or so digitalis made unreadable "by his studio thong" says Chris Lowe as muses. Will not work for Curve. "She [songstress-temple Toni Halliday and affectionately known as "Kimbot"] makes things finished already and I hate her need for me. She's gross about men." I heard other things too, but Hague is good-looking to me also I'm vedging with Toni on that one. "Spin that wheel to make me a very things to first, then to bitch mine off." This just in from titviper Liz Fraser "He's better looking than you." Oh, I got the story on that one - one of them pallid red-haired evil-doers loving a bit of mour to you. Anything just slightly off-key will do to that fine, thank you very lit.

Nothing Like Hitting The Jackwheel 09/24/03 1133
Every now and again I let gay neuverb "Cybersocket" point the way and the first add on my shiftlist
"Buy Music" comes back framped for being a "Windows-only" platform Apple can't even look at another pleuro-gay nuisance. Move on to then "Song Facts" a fun little site that told me about that over-the-top Aerosmith song I couldn't name. Seems it's called "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" from the movie "Armageddon" written by "Diane Warren" (who's that? some say the foibled Stevie Nicks). If you're like me, I love to music talk and all. You're the person who analyzes Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" (the by worst cycla riff ever to noo you nold) with others not unlike you until the last Schweppes Mohican (histvantage scrum and tiny bits of lemon furries) goes flat in the pape. "Orador a noneother oven on mitt." We now know nothing. "It's about Neil - his taste for women and all untold by it in caramella song. A pontliff gem - truly - and worthy of Neil's rage. A turmoil made flesh and son - for a father's feel on it all as hadda been with. Fit for a king's house or just with the someone who liked to be that. My garden is so softly in Neil's playground. Headtrips and on from there inside. A battered shelf to see off of - a bridge that awaits for it to arrive with me. See me in this."        

There Is Only Life, Child's Play Bride Of Confusion  09/24/03 1544
For friend love Doug: Oh, sure - Chuckie and I connected first up I knew it was only a matter of time (a year ago yesterday? no - I'm told June 10 saw the paper no comment - friction, then friend). Almost have the whole family? Chuckie is in Manhattan as now twenty six (26) years old. Says "Do not take the house for granted. Will not sell ever - that is good for me too." Leave all to be with this as still here for you and then with you again, right? Any further is not commented by me. See ya. Wife adds up: "No meat after sundown." Follow me to add "if lactose intolerant." Just die of it. And you? Nevermind. I hafta write enough personal stuff here as is - what if I'm probably wrong about things simply a fairy tell? You didn't understand it anyway. 

Not Quite What I Wanted To Do For You Again Your Muff Fails Me 09/23/03 1537
Be that as it may, I got a little something in Modern Egypt translated. Oh, all of the junk on the Internet excesses the twenty (20) or so symbols I took down from the above but I pursue it. We research, more later. Enjoy this though - it ain't easy to be this grand le fleur. "We didn't ask for anything [a cheapest by boycotts yet to you]." Die. A hook neither offers in a worm to so took.

we are not willing to die for you

Front 242 Hears Your Call But Cancels You Right Down To 247 09/22/03 1523
I talked of Front 242's "Tragedy (For You)" below (and I correct my own memory with helps I hurt with you someone's flawed work hinds me too: "with that skill that was hers alone | she drove her clutches into me | i was dumbfounded | she was hungry | she required me | entirely | all that's left is here to remain | it's a dull and cruel pain | that passes the ages unaltered | her stamp is in my heart" and then plus mine "lives some | then laughs some | maybe i should turn and run | turn and run | turn and run" - my pure magic to me with a Hydra writhing dying at the end of the song - someone says "the air being let out of something horrible" - all redone from tapes I offend you apparently) and this need know you more. Front 242 reject me but the joke is theirs with the great name "Codenys" for the French "[you'll] never find me". A fake name is done to a fake person had before us. Front 242's name comes from Germany seeking freedom from those who need to fly a plane above our realm here or Front 247 (a front is a radio perception or length of longitude - "how high did our central cast go and read" it asks northern regions). After all, Front 248 is Belgium's chore as seeking longitude above us in Germany. To wit, and in German task to downed pilot on nothern radios "No, we see here Front 247 is not ours. You are there, we see it. You may call back, but not to here. Not to us. You leave in mind now. Think of better else we think less of how you might have fared with us. Seek lightly to be us - yours too." No one was gonna rescue that rescue deemed unnecessary for even being there. See you there endangering us all. No - see me frowning at you. The cover of "Tyranny (For You)" is us faked, but he's real there. Dead. Frozen stiff. A smile if you will. We aim to please. Even a German knows this. Read this well.    

To Be A Guru 09/22/03 1254

I sent my famous friends a dilicate ("word of by me" in French that's me too) on being a guru (mostly having been named that as someone's - I fear it to be). Here is the resulting guide to help you reside elsewhere if may such to be: A "guru" takes you aside and explains things to you and you then emerge to faith and glory saying how by yourself. One never has another speak for this as a guru never speaks on your behalf. That would be the "svengali" to speak. The svengali (French for "nuclear say" from within you) tells the world how you feel by having talked to you and speaks readily. They've been there. They know. Knowing is feeling with or experiencing by and then perhaps onward saying for you. The "soothsayer" is interested in none of yours as this. The soothsayer was made to purr in the ear of others and says things in their native tongue-ear. It is never harsh and never without steed (brevity in width and a clarity lacking humor). Your jokes fail us routinely (a cultural thing named is lacking in thought - if interested, a "monohyphling" describes it better as a one-way thought intended to arouse the inner being or reference plate with no such there as an absence for having been there with you). More later the demon-haunted world beckons.

By root to tooth: Our Spago feature redoubled to faith. Consider our readership expanding you with.

You Get All Three With Any What One 09/21/03 1800
Someone asks says "are you densifying" saying things you shouldn't say? No, the system fails me and I speak for you.  Recognize your voice yet? A little alto-timber above the trees. Now for the three (3) songs Marilyn Manson got to do for me better than that (and in what order protecting those who cannot forget theirselves all simply God - do you do like this?): "Long Hard Road Out Of Hell" from the "Spawn" soundtrack co-starring les Sneaker Pimps, "Coma White" the final track on "Mechanical Animals", and then sideways "Down With The Sickness" MP3 (5.0) Megs seen formerly on the "Queen Of Damned" soundtrack now having been fucked with (the actual sound-mono known as "Disturbed" re-recorded the song with even newer handvocals to no pay and probably no play why bother the sale you trench me). See the videos they do all that stuff in a tiny workshop some of it's very good I'm taking over the known realm soon enough you. Everything plagued with you too. What?!? "Antichrist Superstar"? I have that but play it not as lesser of Trent Reznor backwards and just as clammy these days "made on a Mac" said to my ass. Noisy. I just like the pictures and all. I tell artists about a BMG introduction may having to more of course at no ford to you - you know (yes to, but not with my money saned by having to actually to pay for something left just above thought layers no sale to over at labor's scent). No one sins offends as the Doug Moon International Presidential Library (a two-fors collection) expands right out of keep (no sales at price to keep bellies full or to see another song sung by others - no credits too small these days I licked every one some may have lube on them).     

Don't Get Made Over Omissions To Fact 09/21/03 1652
Think nothing of me omitting the Columbine oratory (shields, etc. for loose talk) from the below trench. Denizens (those who live with and do not speak to you of infraction or health of - not the best people ever, but close enough to that feeling?) take what is not theirs and make you sorry of ever having met them. They gave you everything and that may have included drugs, parties, unhealth, situations, and misdeeds (corrupt acts - borrowings of the flesh). You know - the ol' sweet and sourses to purse. Columbine died of this type things - having nothing to do and nothing to say. We hate and we firm up the little we have here with us to use it - not with Jews though they prey upon youth. We foil that movement of keeping others "free" of me with old age and greasers (people who will hit you back into French law - no speak until you're heard of and plus parlez vout Francais, levt mon). Simply, your ass is mine unwanted. The events at Columbine were staged rudely in Omaha, Nebraska to represent what happened in Scottsdale, Arizona the day after Columbus Day 1992 and its aftermath in Omaha where people staged riots over not being informed correctly about that what happened and that day. "Oh, better don't make it gay" it said. Two (2) boys, one (1) girl, two (2) boys - one (1) dead for acts of attrition (not caring enough to see my way here by others and family). A boy's lover dead. Words become play for people and gay died being with all of you standing by saving having thinking how it might all be just this and us our only way here. We give that one system the green light kinda and you die in it with all heard to seem like all's proper in court. Hold the Asti-Spomante and cagneys for at least two (2) years it seems - less for Arizona and parts of New Mexico, Texas, California, and Massachussetts (they love their boys seen living it too). It seems the "-ine" ending the name "Columbine" is, in fact alone, for "inistery" or "turning the face to see less of this". That's what we do too as I hear me. My friends kill people daily for having a sense of things too late for my bargain and that is two (2), three (3), four (4) of you I never cared less. How many people died there in that hell making gays eat shit? None. They are all with me and used badly again. The boys live around, and the forty-eight (48) people killed that day with uzis ("what we made together" in French as "usalie") live somehow beyond it all but still have shot dead by two (2) pigs and a security guard for a bank (at then off-duty). They all died for us and came back as I see it. "Columbine" - now we start calling it other names as we have you dead as firmly hate in the end of it anyway thus see much change. Still making all the right choices for yourself in harm's way. You'll die only. You'll die me - sullen and unhappy about all. I'd still see you there in AZ livin' it out my way - half-dead to it. No gay - an affluence, if you will, as we can afford not to have you actively interested in us - is worth this. Beauty-stabs at it, and it's seen by "sane" that you always could take care of yourself somehow better than us ("there is no God" and after all, if there wasn't a saying just like that you'd only make one up) and that still delivers 'round the clock to us your bearers of fruit and flame. Well beyond it and then, it seems my hateful way walked me out and along you yet. Be then you. It all makes me puke, but be real for it when it happened to you. Be that. Die well. Eat me. If I get up from this ended your way, know for sure it wasn't over your trite misdeeds done to me. I just made something the people who devise you couldn't live without for very long the sheer joy of having it all and with Doug seeing you do it let's call it a gift to the samed self. And you? No.

And Now For The Magii A Gift Taken Aback And Perhaps To You An Herb 09/20/03 1042
I just put a special Coldplay song called "Daylight" up for you because it matters to get this stuff right with what's good only. I pick the next new ones - sure. While I figure out the name of a brilliant Aerosmith song like "Jaded" that goes "I don't wanna close my eyes" plus over "and I wouldn't want to miss a thing" you get only this. Heard it in a restaurant - the rest is yours. Coldplay, onward and over the call, make me feel like I could have and certainly did. The vocals coached right in may have lived prior to this. I'm only as good as pilot says just land on that but a dime's worth to you a living French to me you pig I'll hatch anew every day until my feet bark of odor and other dimes you can't tell of anything for sure, can you my every victim?

No Matter How Many Times Tells It 09/20/03 1750
I hear ya all the crotchtalk you don't care for and I my treach what of my feelings pig-inch miss this one too? I don't think (it's "lean" thinking on your part only I scent) about what I write because I never do you. You do you and think harder about me being different from you and your truth too (after all, I'm not nearly of that). How many papers you got telling the same old tales to the same old nails? Who cares a hammer? This is option number one under friendless and fortunata. Take two each a missy. I paid for this shit in steers and drive it up to the hood to where the SnackWells are made. Eat this - it's in me.

Life In Hell Sees Dumb Bunnies Die Of Overbite Each To Every A Day 09/20/03 1643
You know the story - you got outta line with folks and someone shot your ass up (and I quote my lover Tupac "Oh, God - oh, Lord - they did it. They did it to me again. Oh, God. No. Not you bitch - no. Every time I see this you die. Die. Why me you bitch? Why to me you fucking bitch. I love this, really. I don't have anything, I died. I died for this." Sacred texts for us yet, poetic justice you rhyme me. And then I rescue to no birth you see it - hear him sing me little after the snub in Vegas I said I was sorry - kinda.) Even God knows that the dead aren't worth a shit compo unless they're bonded and insured and who does that better than Matt Groening of "The Simpsons" fame starring in and miserabling the lacking title (negative may, in fact, be smarter than you) "Bowling For Columbine" a turd docu-mint that blames everyone by each gun why not ask him some questions after the simple fact done to him? A fat away from Heaven's morgue attendant per vouchers a limesalt sees it, Matt poses as someone else dying of it and sees his real-life daughter's death reflected in the withered type-spoon of Charlton Heston still fiery and friendsome but chased around by placant usual to get the answer they sought once it typed up better than this says it to Jew who. Oh, Dick Clark got mobbed too in a vanned wheelchair no less - "So, Dick - whaddaya think about the um, hits of late? Straight to the top gun? Pearls of sweat tipple your knee?" A fat slob keys in to that, huh - probably dead like that already living inside Heaven's cupcake. See "Montana" (motto: "see us first, then you [may look better]") banks give away gun tips with each rifle levied at you over counter through no bullet-stained glass just an eye-level "appraise thit firt" per their branch rules regarding deposits and cash grants beyond your seen and done down to it this pleases me if you care about monies withering in your sanes heart oh, I'm dying soon enough dreaming of you possibly others a mortal death with friends or two-by-two of them with you too each of done down just in time for it we see it all together from the above it where all bangs came from twiceheard and with no holes barred. With each deposit of up to nine-tenths, we'll let us shoot it. Your deposit will be available shortly for cash demands perhaps at another shaky institution you sent into the herd waffling for corn and uncommonly good growths ("Whoa you - a firmer cabbage made. Real nice for Thansgiving if you made Lot blue and old people ran home to glue it back down.") God loved Nebraska only. You loved it too. Carry it on you. Shoot you later on, Sheba - see yourself but a throw away from wall to wall. Anyway you send your care (FTD - finally thank death), this eber is limb-missing junk someone thought I needed to see (Charlton Heston perhaps - I told people like that to take a bullet before endorsing the NRA - seems they do that already and some have most taken on the ram in the head-timple region. Who knew more before this happened to him-it? No one old bird takes flight your worm down the drain...lame logic isn't what it used to buy from simple thoughts a deed does this and now to measure up close down go under). You know, the Columbine boys I met one night after-deux on Hollywood Boulevard sitting on steps for heady pleasures me - Matt and Mike. I asked them if they wanted to come over as only cute company and yes thanks they did (one is adoring of the other and both make you mind your manner as the quiet kind only - just kidding they are killers like me in my company we do you up again to this no end I see - just kidding again you fool see nothing but you reading little of this). One gets the information packet after the meat has cooled but nice enough and glad enough to be. In the head and onward after, they have a good humor to this and tour verda la strange. They live me. "I shot a kid who gave me what I wanted. I did him that for being there." I simply understand. Sex, affection only covers so much misdeed. The threats, the harms, the Jews told, the assholes numbered and died like this - someone thinking of an evening spent lovely and unharmed with Jews. I bless you too (Marilyn Manson you babe eat my shit then we'll apologize for you having done nothing in this together - the guys think you suck, and actually I love only three (3) of your songs and principally endorse a suicide solution to boot - your brother loves me too I'm coming to your black nest to lay my chem-eggs stamped now with our prior approvals - by the way readers, I hate medicinal eggs stamped with filthings I needed no egg doctor I check for them in the shower under a hot bitlamp turning each one 'til it needs to leave me a tip). Matt Groening's daughter outlives him too in France. "Wee wee mishur" - that's life in Hell as gratified to be this. So what? You're always only on the mend. I live deep in the fur without tears yet but I cry sometimes - that vulture eating the little black baby up I killed that off I got a photo with that bird too - have it in the kitchen looks like Olan Mills mighta done it - I chose the "Wintertime In Waco" backdrop (red dust just like from planet Mars only theirs is really red - Mars is mostly a blue firmly not red you see - blue from Cobalt pears see 'em), a packed snowless heat - still burning for you...tidy). "Notice the Ford and the Chevy, will you? Now back up - the Mexan whorehouse got cigarettes do they not have this? End yet. Go to." Censorship is plain and so am I. I love jerking off. I like to fuck. There - you said it first what did I win - more Jews? Fine.

Gifted To The Head With Thoughts And Some Problems In Them 09/20/03 1214
I hear ya talking about "being gifted" and all I agree if only you benefit what seen and if only then gifted enough to plague a mind gifted once enough more over than to plague you back to it the drassling board. What I do pleases me alone (I decide all I do to you with watching and then only to in my way - the tv may hand me a sword to slay with you forming franks and backtalk in advance of need) and then you perhaps in some commie sci-fi renuzit. Of course not I work for no other than can't you see that with all of your gifts shining out at once the blankedest blarex of stares does this to the whole planet and as all held by you right inside the marbly meat mitten you stove? You are spreading my garbage beyond the alley in which we speak and God would rather have you eat my puss right in thin's boots than purr to your own delicate straddles of hint and help harm me. I'm truly gifted (probably by self come see how I do it - can't imagine defeating a humanity known by wave torture and shop slavery just to pass 'go' once around I'll bite right back to tooths bared then a little fish with rearing spines swims up your urethra and cancels your daily oughta try flash dancing auto-enroll my peppermill now it's personal about the both of it: "bothered by the beat hot hot hot" hosted by Fat Chance of semi-sponsors whipped creme "Pringles" with the "dubble lovin's" spray-baked right on the side of each krispee chap and the new choco-port "Say Slim" you're only that fat just this once - why not treat a few later? clears up the hemms like tart makes it fresh without all the fruit deep within your mouth's way around the health-foods new-fangled age pyramid). Renew a thought process with helping handle-its: Nothing is black or white to me (yet still I hear that said by me a fools fool of it), and I see to the tiny issues then and there versus the big punches to the face you should have gotten for sharing your homebound hurtfuls with people who will simply fuck you over then cut something out of your belly. They live but wait 'til it's over to hammock you. Ever think no one cares about anything you do? That's a gift too seeing things right like that. My gift is knowing when not to bother, knowing when there's just too much smarter than you could ever do it open book or paid with a bullet stuff being made by focus-special then only to be used by stepped down, stays put, says this, makes more, has some, takes two, places last, begs off, and tells a friend. You keep doing your part and I'll see what I can do about the world making you feel "really bad" like shimps or something won by having it first then asking to see. Superiority is cheaply lit to preserve our traits - after all, who do you think molds you into second place? I see you sitting in there thinking how it might be. I too smell the very prospers of it - to some a flour, others a paste. Gives in to his mental crafts yet smalls "given your gift for giving" might God have given a group gift to the office (a money clip) eschewing the personal all at once? A mid-decor porch can of caramel notes, cheese welts, and saget yellow ("things are different at home, you know" then "no one wanted Eddie Murphy to see "Raw" by himself [not neither] - he came to be in it anyway you slice that hard as nails did it you said I did.") No, that was me first - then you of course. "Of course it was and then there's you - brown baggin' it to my home and then see a Fender Strat knows how it was done so bad to you." Yeah - the Root Micks plax edition - scope that shit out before you buy it back from abroad and the shitwax they made with hot teeth and a full spread of Oscar's own pre-diddly Mayers that. I seen that "metalurge" fret plus two stand-bys on mike done in to it like Peter Frampton's blow hole up to the rear of my ampulas gob-spot baby I loved your way and all but how's that comeback CD can I copy my digidits files right over the introductory offers from Spam and Harmon's Lair? Then - "An Isotrope In Waiting To Be This" speaks fang in advance of hearing you "Por las labia glans meatus? and cowpers? peniteste! copia discargna - vans deferens is nomo Fenderses." Shimp "paid twice the costs of it to a dealer who had one also but felt it was worth the money and sold it to me at that cost. A deal made in the shade of Heaven" barters the cost to McDonald's if playing Ronald once a year - and add none of them "racy" jokes in the making your name neither. We hired a Ronald McDonald - not Old MacDonalds - that died soon enough and after you did that. No Hambooglers in my whitey-fright this time tempest thy Reesies. "My kids cry at that. You saw how they shed a tear for it - they cried over that in the magical hamburger patch and alls there are no simply boogers. None this time bets McDonald's and that tired old red wig the Queen Mum bought at home with nickels in a bag of sheep's heads. The queen understood her needs better and bought them waxes instead." Oh, "a house needs warming - like worms need farming" she'd allay. Like Ronald, a "joquain" or Spanish knife carrier for the breed as done to will and meet us. "If ya pinch me with that, it'll hurt real bad - then you try it soft, then harder still. A pinch back will do ya up bads to this. See it first. Feel for it again later." Over then "Spics don't sell meat - they make it happen to me. I shed them like cloth eats wool - one a day then." - Ray Kroc ("I did loads more than sell them shake machines you prove this every day I eat more than them and they do too.")

Being This Means Knowing Your Place In It And Who They Are Too Now Shave My Ass 09/20/03 0709
That Nicole Brown stuff makes me nervous kinda with all that case made happen to, but Nicole came to talk to me in the head (we have actually known each other) and she wants you to know more I guessed it. She told me she died and went on to kill the boy she was dating too for causing trouble in the heart and hand. She said she did it with glories found and tried to get her father done down cheaply aftermax too. We are better friends now for that (me last, then you). The guy who actually died with her (she said) was Frank Pournelle - son of sci-fi author Jerry Pournelle (aka Dean Koontz in addition to) and that figures for odd such reason. Pournelle is who you saw on tv languishing over his son (been to their home but I never met him or family and wouldn't know - the girl is Frank's sister-in-law I'm told). I dated Frank (Francis) years back that ended to no hear or tell nice enough though. Nicole hates that fact a gay man kinda left it to tell. I know - I hate you being with us too but got over it and accept it not for term use (if you had a gun to your head...choice makes). Will bring both back but shapped up with anti-remarks and truth hope will stay or make it mine again. Frank? Oh, brother! Just "being there" type hates my mouth takes long walks on the beach without me fucks to you and that prop-dog slobbering and with hair all over my Jeep I needed that "boy meets dog" shit to pay me in floor samples over the months ahead no bother I'll lick some Algerian stamps. California types are laid back to half me crazy. Nicole loves this I guess I need aroma therapy by the Baskervilles. What about the father? Is dead from threats and stance hates all. I asked him not to throw in the towel (though I'd hate it all and wish die) and let's see what we can abrupt. Let's see again. Nevermind to that a prapp "leave it down" - I'll leave you down step on your face, too. Am I your fool? Only once.

The Bird Takes Without Leaving But A Coupla Feathers May To Said But For This The And Of A BB Gun 09/20/03 1215
I wanted to tell you what Egyptian hieroglyphs mean but the future is not ready - scabrous (without feeling or tact for new day or renderings forth) artbox everywhere said no yet. BB my black bird. But for the alphabet they stand no that is somehow elegant. Instead may I offer the ten (10) commandments for today's world (tomorrow never comes for stuff like this): "I am the lord thy God put no other Gods before me." Well, sure. I'm gonna take care of you no matter what as mine doing my own only, but simply stated, my caring could be better. Another God might assume you're dead already. "Honor the Sabbath." Do what you have to do but make it mine (no, I wouldn't ask to have you do something no one does under their own volition - I'd be off the beaten trail). Be practical and think why it is that anyone would want this day of the week slightly off. Like crime, church does not pay. Anyone else involved usually forfeits us our small fee. "Honor thy mother and father." To honor is to remember (never forget! beans in a bush talked it up too) and is not necessarily fondness wrought home. Saving respect for the respectworthy helps me win nothing a token, but your folks gave you life (probably a few other things you'd never miss too) and that's about as forgiving as it gets for them. They sucked. You suck. Your family - "The Sucks" - "the angelses not half so happy but in my way" has a royal crest for it all to be. "Do not steal" - wouldn't wanna make anyone too happy on the way up in the barracks sling with the finely choffeured ketchup and crackers now served sauce-wide, would ya? Avoid or keep the errors silly in betray (never a whole ream of paper once to a stack at most found by home's port). If I'm starving (and you can't get these wrong by the way) you can count your chips with opportunity binches as the tame stolen by a bad thought, a slim way with the heart, the dollar if watches each hour to unfold (all I may lose I have to win), with all I didn't get to know of you yet your money ask vaults. All time is toilet paper is money print up more we'll understand it in accepts some uses all and then to wipe other assets all junk we are junk but valuable that's junk. "Don't squeal" insert right after that and logically then "Do not kill" if I can do it bet my ass you can you'll see nothing as ever yet do tell wish you dead my lurid sex-talk fantasies sure now die to me a fool has will for me to me. Christ loved to live people and basking that I see may to this how no I just killing so what does the other God say what he's dead by my hand of? Do not "skill" is actually my tart as obviously you never had to do this and speak of it as if you never were my willing victim. You cry, then you brave. Just cry it's that serious still a body that's a big front (you're still in danger realize that only in life do we stray it strayed). Still an indignation (why would I ever do that to you all over again shot you full of cherry pits thought we settled it this time? don't make me a silver bullet said I'll pull your fucking earring right out of me 'ead and a never forgets to - it was an asksforthen) killing ranks as my all-time who dunnit (Professor Plomb in the molorian sil - an itch a scratch forth waxes mints a light topical jelly, oral-scented). I know it wasn't you just lying there thinking it could never happen to me I don't live in that world, thankla. "Don't covet your neighbor's wife." Like giving up fish for Lent. They told a whole worls to go to Hell when they betrothed and you have that kind of need. If you can't stand chaperoning the detail to a mighty fix (I can't have this with me chopping lettuce then exploding over quasis - you'll pay for me in absentee ballots and Lemon Tang - the astronauts drank that you know before they got fucked and blew right up) try and remember your own experiences with such and said. They were truth and demanded that you call your pride over the miles to see what your friends might think. They think you are psychosis itself a manifest over and whew! nothing really happens at all I help there too what? no. You never had to think about this kinda stuff before shifting gears why be the pile of tires to this a pit stop? Maybe you know better have that keep thinking it. "Do not commit adultery." You didn't know they was also married. Not like it matters if going it solo (change is a choice to be with too). You could finish the conversation early on by simply having not a dignified maturity wins it big always to ever end this to me. These things are dying I don't care about this stuff. You hurt, I die. You can't keep people after all they took my stuff away. Take theirs too your happiness still outfits mine I see. No one is this clothing's off have and have less by some. Decrease your wanting. Need this again it's very attractively set. Set your own rates, pay yourself well I never ate so heavily in it. "Don't take the lord thy God's name in vain." We don't want to hear ya using my intended to see a door held open near the floor probably ain't right anyway. Who are you to use my name (Shmatz) anyway? Better have the answer I want right up front. I have no friends like that or see you having a need to say it at all you should respect one thing or something that's it. Keep it down or I might know you better in this the place where I made you live. I go by many names on the way to this and to your name a thanks less. Do nothing. Seek me not. "Make no false Gods idolatry etc.," you got the real one here now again better watch it careful says just be. This is spite only to me but maybe I laugh hard to so dumb I found you with it as new. Your homemade Gods are never any good just fung (for you no good). Pray for better stuff after you get better people to have it all without you. I didn't want better people if I only had a heart the brain we'd burn right up the middle in a courageous act of sanding the ballot bag holefront nostrils smell newer first thing. Hear me roars to you oh a net dart winks. There is only one right answer only ever and any incorrect goes down the drain with you your sins and plus many other things I hated for you two. Let me be the one you give your love to. Or then die me. Die. "Don't bear false witness." That means only tell what you saw and then nothing more. It ain't much, but disease has no friend like decay and the two hates love each other back again so then ask no more of it. People need to live with their mistakes no then add yours, and although you could see much change for the chimney patched, it's best then better off not to demand the hand that fingers each level lightly by glovetip to see if Christmas Day is the day that any other day would not could come to. Let hate (helping and taking easy) rule or I'll bear witness to no truth likes the fact sees it done. An outrage you die of this first then you lie to get around not being able to truth for under one vant use. Take me seriously you tell. The family that dies together lies about it too cries dies - more Spanish lies. Take me to the bank you scream. Take me tell.

A List Of Sad Songs Might Hear You Said Then One With Terry Jacks Gilded The Lead Oh You'd Only Steal My Sense Of It 09/18/03 1247
"Goodbye to you my only friend | it's just as lonely in the end | there is no one coming near | i bite the bullet | face my fear | another unwanted loner | takes it up the rear" something like that I'm still tuning my sitar. I promise one day an ongoing list of songs held else you shouldn't avoid missing to end this. In the meantime I've taken all Pearl Jam has to offer a saint and settled right down on Perth Australia: February 23rd 2003 if for "Corduroy" the only song I ever grew to love so driving? Oh, originally on "Vitalogy" I was bothered bad with this seek and stare you'll love it. All them live CD's - you got someone from Hershey there playing in the band? Robin Guthrie did "Corduroy" with Pearl Jam - in naming a song "Use a word someone might fancy you for...something nice to know." There ya go. I like that word "corduroy" - don't you? You know I live with a guy named Terry Jackson this album cover means "someone special is drowning fast [get there]".

There Oughta Be A Rules 09/17/03 2045
Dear words I hate signed Noomguod: increase, sales, women, live, noomguod, cum, cam, size, viagra, free, debt, offer, dick, access. Select up to knowing better. Send off.

Like A Boogie Woogie Only Better 09/17/03 1655
Neilsy's dad just cured me of a long-time mystery. He used to play piano as music teacher in our elementary school (boasts rhythym sticks) all of us kids marching in slowly to take our seats in the auditorium for a production of sound and perhaps plus vision. This one song called "Pomp And Circumstance" (or so I thought) really lit me up for being so damned good as played by him on the studio piano (a music teacher scores with hate). I hate "Pomp And Circumstance" the graduation song though, I hate it perhaps another suite in waiting elsewhere? By word, the song is actually called - and worshipally - "Pompanstance" written by Army natives in France and Germany. Thanks. I hate memory lane for failing us sometimes leave it to beaver, but I doubt this will. Seek and find your seat.

Cursed To Be Born Beautiful 09/16/03 1153
I love that song "Cursed Female" by Porno For Pyros that lives me too um, "it's still fresher than *cemeteries* until we leave no one knows of us more" not "strawberries" thanks to dead zone. A beauty is cursed with being infinitely more useful right off the earliest detour to youth and that is not of lasting virtue my value. I was cursed with enough of nothing to know you better. Onward, the house Madonna used to make the carpen "Newlyweds" happen is Neilsy's Beverly Hills pad vacated long sometime after his December mishap. His mother kept all fronds in storage though mercifully most, then she left Hoodville. I worked for the woman at UCLA initially - an aunt - and boy all of Hollywood beckoned her need (add in Nicole Brown as an erstwhile "Chris McFarland" a cute blonde nurse in the OR and you have quite an array of know-itz). Madonna's new friend Anthony DeSilva - the cute tattoo that raided the newlyweds of fame by shouting too much during season is famous for something he once died for. Welcome back to all seen, but not spoken. The girl - unusually listless in front as usual I seem to note. All this - why me? Because they hated it come back later it ain't this bad yet for New Jersey. DeSilva laughs with me in the head (a head of lettuce at the store seems him honored to be as "Silva" it claims me - Madonna's family is Monsanto with the Army kinda helping out the dad a grocer-food provider I had friends in Allentown, NJ inherit one of their local town stores on Main Street - nice people I mean c'mon the woman was at Warner Bros. early on doing quite well with the bounty thanks and moved around having local store towns know her better - see Bordentown home of Ocean Spray, NJ) and complains the Beverly Hills house had "no back yard, really" (it the pool lounge had to know them elsewhere as filmed) and carpets everywhere had been thrownup on. The dog "Mili" ("mostly issues, less insured" - a self-congratulatory "hiya" back to self from great wealth and success - money issued by a bank on demand at, hardly ever borrowed, again thanks - was cat? the French named it "Carte" say "car-tay" for "cashes and carries" I love that stuff too thanks for knowing me) eating "special" crackers for dysintery (a mild bowel inflammation brought on by: crackers - never do this a dog hates wheat pure : crackers are pure : crap that out or throw up) can art that. Now, don't go messing with the herd or here me moo. Remember, no one comes back to suffer me. Stings: Nobody hates you, nobody likes you. We died together. You rose. I'm dead. Die again, we rise again. Die.

"Up Until Then It Was The Stones, Led Zep, And Us - Who Else?" 09/16/03 1927
How embarrassed are you to be that very us to me? Much so, I shoulder. I love people though and getting to know them isn't that tricky. They are special as having entreated (gone before) the world and they know it too well. Add in ol' Neilsy - he's quite a character I say nearly retarded in pleasuring you with his own brand of stupidity that others only cherish. Oh, the places you will go a madness. When I'm not pleasuring myself mocking his phone call to others ("me? oh yeah...hi - no, no - not you, no") I listen to past stuff with Pat Benatar and know that he actually stinks with talent I never see else. They lied about who they are to everyone to keep you out, but I brand them at places like Amazon to tell you we're here together and that you need to know an album called "Crimes Of Passion" for being something that lived me once. Here is my offering to you - a sous (that's friend) - to stop you from being to me. It is called "Never Wanna Leave You" (MP3, 2.9 Megs) "Out-A-Touch" (MP3, 3.9 Megs - the drummer got paid extra tits on this one) and that means nothing it is just what I loved best. I find out from my conversations in the head with him that the guitar movement in there so good is called "Tropical" I loved that all things meaningful to differences and named. Their drummer - one who makes waves only with money that is not his - is superb. You know him as Myron James also actor Brian Krause (see him bestly in Stephen King's "Sleepwalkers" being perused by rob roy Glenn Shadix) all those shows starring his basically. For known and forthknown, look up Neil's credible connection on the IMDb and then "send a picture to them, not me." But back to, I make fun of newer "flamengo" (no - "flamenco" is "a dance to drop dead" only - "flamengo" is "but a whisper for barely or no sound" - a lite and airy, if you will) guitar sounds (to me, the romantic equivalent of working a pottery lathe) and I get to see the named instrument for myself when clearest vapors right at my side gather to produce one slimmed guitar with little green-stalked red flowers on it at all both sides. It was pushed at my left side by the headstock (a professional never lets you have feel) and that was beautiful to have know more of me. Never think I don't get the goods with you, but some of this stuff I dunno what to say I do. At Amazon, you may also see Kraftwerk's "Tour De France" butchered for leaving me too soon. Not the new one (no bother, but I heard it and you tried to redo what cannot be done - all melody good going thanks) - the perfect original issue of that merit. Ours alone. The name Kraftwerk means "God house [of business, not pleasure]". More later.

Solving Mensa One Letter A Time 09/16/03 1825
I love that Marilyn VonSant (vos Savant) of "Mensa" (the word is Latin for "seen to be true" - membership has it priviliges, see this one) - that whole IQ stance is puzzling and downright fanciful at times but given as truth. That VonSant woman really does know her stuff I agree to see that but Geena Davis again? Okay - that snarling knacker in "Thelma And Louise" I stole for myself, but where is it all going finally? She is VonSant that bitch and she knows it. Who is the woman pictured as VonSant in articles? Actress Stacie Lattisaw (factoid: she is one of the black robots in "Sgt. Pepper"). Hotmail left me with a thought today about ten (10) "real" geniuses four (4) of them listed in blue actually are geniuses to me and us (VonSant - no, but good at what she does - very good with adding staff we feature her too). We love this stuff for the positioning overall (considering the ultitruth that all value lies dead within us unless this - a true valor - it is upon us always but not seen to be - a daring to keep it up and live) and as I prove nothing to daily with truth, positioning is therefore everything to value. We see and we know nothing. You know though and deliver us. You see. See that. I see you and commend you not. You deliver me. What is IQ? The ability to sight something different to see. A ruse, basically. No one "sees" it really - we do and give it out. Favoritism. Trust that.

How Would One Explain This To Someone Else Who Also Needed To Know? 09/16/03 1029
Yesterday, a good word came up on the dry sheet to mock you over - "simplistic". I know it doesn't mean "simple" because that meaning is taken already by something easier to understand conceptually (you do, in haste, master that back to fact) and thenafter you dot-confirm that you know you are right, only, without seeking thought of other-else. There - that's simple enough, right? Right. Anyone can do this it seems. Seemingly hostile from this edit, the dictionary I to reprove makes one consider the word "simplistic" my foib as "characterized by extreme simplism" - "simplism" being the belief of all things can be known if demonstrated to you (no to me in fact - we venture or skate over only - knowing is vague, we know what to do - that is different to you seeing is believing - one is treatment, the other handle - we handle nothing but feel we do). Also cancelling you in definition is an "oversimplification" - no again that's simple and useless. "Too simple" is only correct here - a "-cation" means you took and left without speaking - see "convocation" to meet and then leave without speaking. You thought with us mostly and we know nothing anyway. A prude does this to be classy. We only lost details there - you can pick it up on the way. We didn't leave anything on the table to be explained, did we? What would that be known as? Holding out? And yes little friend, that is to "handle" again - we didn't miss anything needed yet or it's too simple see malice otherwise. To "treat" is to be demanded of, or else nothing done. What is it then to be simplistic? Malice. One bargains with truth by using simplism - that means it is not easy to know treatments, but you get there sloppy by handling as such. Never do this lightly - it will kill you simply. The simplistic was reduced beyond simple or seen to known by malice or trade to be inundated with grief to keep you out. It is simple reduced and made dumb or undiscernable (not readily valued - not by us here, anyway). You have symbol (one thought made) and keying (how to get to by steps) mixed in to keep simple from being known. The worst of all havings to know, you would have to understand for yourself whether or not you were right and then would have to ask to know for sure and that dumps down. The simplistic cannot be known for sure unless told to you and that is its ruin. Half of an alphabet letter could be a few of them to know - which one for you to know then? You made it to keep for sure by ruining it and that's all who should have know by. Any code is simplistic or made unknowable and useless to us. Every one. A simplist manages code. Code me in. Pay me to keep things from making sense - suspicion is cheap enough to draw on.

Only If I Looked Good Enough To Be There Your Cares Make The Difference 09/15/03 1759
I just saw myself on tv a night or two ago on some infomex and I sit there zombied thinking you know I'd fuck that but the face seemed a bit forward. I heard nothing said in my own little zone. I liked seeing it, but have never done anything for tv or press and laugh when people think I subject to that in any harm or ridicule you by hiding in it. What I did once only a month or more two ago was give a brief interview on the street about porno (if you can imagine having a public opinion about that) to two (2) guys with a serious-looking camera on my way back from Santa Monica Boulevard (yes, it looked like they had been leined all day for it). What said but paraphrased by memory seen: "Do you watch porno?" Yes. "Often?" Yeah - about once a week or so I like it [in a big glob but only when I'm partying - never when straight]. "Would you be in one?" Damn right, but only if I went to one of those fat farms first and looked perfect for it [like everyone has to be fine tuned]. You have to submit the rear too on film I hate people holding me out. I would have added in brackets that I wouldn't be able to stand people like hate women looking at it all feverishly and then talking to me about stuff I don't care about ever. It's defeating for you too and I work against that with not all as apparent or told, and hate people for suffering for it a gift to you. Anything else not said by me. Thanks. P.S. I've been harmed in the head by too much progress by others I may to love behind the scenes but that's not giving or necessarily sane, is it? God forbid a world held in place by my pleasure to it.

Hey Bitch, This Is What You Are 09/15/03 1534
I wanted to give you Gary Numan's song "Pure" (in this "purified | sanctified | sacrificed" - art, not words thanks you to do) from the album of the same name (I just bought a copy at Tower and love this shit to be for it - whaddaya mean where'd the money from?) but MPEG's are bothering me right now all about sit tight. As for the Christ stuff, I don't get anything much in terms of message no thanks, but the music (Gary was assisted greatly in the studio by members of Curve some now of Sulphur Rob, Monti, as definitely named within and as from the French "sulphurine" or "glowing and with heat" and then assisted further by my mandate, apparently) really stirs me and I thank you for that I'm relivin' it. That is religion too. Check that out and maybe you too see. Really good stuff - I hear Toni Halliday made the little sound vapors in "Pure" that are so strong in the heart. I love that.

Backlash of Curve as per request issued: Curve "Cold Comfort" MP3 (4.2 Megs) Curve "Worst Mistake" MP3 (4.6 Megs)
Note: This is not the album version - it's the original scoring a value and my favored.
By the way, Fool - Curve have a brand new song on MP3 called "Some Good Some Bad" as now this ready for your approval.
Curve have never traded a bad song you know. The most I ever say of is "it's for the car [capture me]."

Update yours to told: Gary Numan "Pure" MP3 (4.7 Megs)
Thanks Audion for the Mac OSX MP3 converter - pay ya one day in miseries told.

So Have That 09/15/03 0132
Still getting streaming madnesses about women and what God thinks like you have it all down even I don't think about anything too much sure you can fly sideways, Bitch - a better buy might see all of it falch straight down never to have lived your diseased mind finally disintegrated just like Frank Capra's in a liteswein swig of raw butterfat he came to be this to sums undone. You can fly straight to have a hope thinking on stand-by for the less of it you already ate your nipples how good could that be? The Algonquins loved it with a little stir-fry on the side. Truth.

You Better Run For The AYDS This Time Each Asshole Hardly Crucial Please Die Of It End This Feminine Mystique 09/14/03 XXXX
Did I tell you that organ-donor bitches were collecting eyeballs and fig newtons at popular card tables 'round our gayest supermarkets for The AYDS (all you don't see) on my very birthday August 16 and all to honor me? The gift of being armpits for me - in truth and fashion, still amazes a malaform stupidity - is only received well by me c'mon we need that too someone who thinks it all over before moving my pieces on to certain victory. Who has AIDS you retards? I never use your rubbers but I like the convenience of free lube. Always doing the right thing you are the AYDS angelses to me but fly away now just like being on-wing I believe in angelses they have a vicious strain of the AYDS I hear from on-high God tells me everything I giggle at the cruelty the father did it and he takes away every cent too. You may have to charge fees for service after all. No one will pay for free lube, you know. The AYDS was done to you by me in advance. Just because I'm crowned to be gay doesn't mean you can be this too I'm still God. A hurdle or two keeps it light in the head I don't want all gayses everywhere this is a world after all not your hairstyle. A world - that's meaningful. AYDS scares an unsure "gay" (penis says your handiwork - mine are viciously coded for success no thinking yet) right out of the convent. Most sufferers are gay or probably straight. I too so dumb fearing each new pimple there was no answer this or that it all boiled down to not being too smart about things shit lavay - again!

Your Plan Goes Right Down The Dez With Your Nude Westerns 09/14/03 XXXX
Like a pubic hair tumbleweed from behind the scenes at porn ranch another revelation says why bother I get it all done anyway you see. When denied access to nothing I need you to care about, I make sure people know me intimately anyway in mind just like we was together that's mean and fun. Get around that adding subtracting revising mind its holdings so lost and found by you. Didn't I turn out great smartest boy most studious still thanking it and not too bald to see how a full snap-deck may mean you're struggling to know what smart simply won't have I'm not wearing that stuff to my future priad. It says right here you understood it all like marbles made manners pleasing - you did very well. No one smart listens like that all that mind spray around a woman with sperm dials. I drift off....think about other boys like a dumb girl lying there expressionless head turned to the side the unbearable weight of another half-thought how are you feeling with the ESP and all? Like a wasp sprayed with Olive Pam. Hey - you don't get the good stuff from the can I mix 'em up you struggle it off over time. Yeah - I shop for your proper family names you get something else or not quite right. Ants? WD-40. Flying insects? Lower that using roach spray or 3M Spray Mount all over the beefy tips. Houseflies on your sun-baked potato chips lays their eggs? Them raunchy salt and vinegar snags sprayed with green avocado mist never have flies on them I'll bet. I prefer a sticky landing strip to reodorcoding in snorts of germsicidal Lysol the toilet seat no longer smells like cherries (by the way, never use a citrus or melon scent in a mime-type smokehaus a twisting pressure-meadow of silken florals must clamp down tough and tenderses on aerjerkies made of spare logic and its pluribems per issue-use. Yeah - a honeydew spray makes a venomous snarl hit the bell.

"Laymol" With Grubby Index Fingerling To Vatch - LOL! 09/13/03 1126
This stuff is fucking gross, but well worth the wait I'd say. Tracey Ullman's woggle is the "vladern" from Ormal Vulgaria e Minsk. Gross. The art? Brilliant, yes by gifted than vour. Just in: Tracy hates being valened by me. You are the rich I spoke of earlier I spend here too my talents weighed in sure simply a mandate. You? Every star says to me "I'm poor, really - we didn't make any money the Army had to pay us." The Army? That was for everything but the battle of the sexless and deducting the Rogaine treatments for women and all paid in vouchers for Fantastic Sam's and Subway. I saw your stuff - I wouldn't pay you at all and me neither you're not of valu-talens. You reject the big talent, I, in-turn, reject you. Meanwhile, we'll do your shirts for free here's how the plan works just use your group settings to connect and get phased right in to sample our needs to yourself.

Reduces Mindswell 09/12/03 2128
In the previous session re top recordings, a " - x" means I purchased same in case you were wondering. Shame the rest of the feature bit it. Update: No new friends. No employment. No new funding or gifts no payments whatsoever (family only). No mail. No inquiries. No tests. No nothing. Nothing to report. I haven't met a single star or dignitary as such (excepting the below incident rude). Whaddaya think of that? I like it only for being extreme. Someone asks "Why don't you just die?" And let that live, kinda? Something not too or quite as dumb loves being tubs of birdshit and plus one frimbled feather. Squit back.

A Little T: And A: 09/12/03 2101
How did you get the wind to blow? By hyperspeeding mind and thought projection. I feel powerful when all is liquishine, but this too will end at being victim in hell. You win more uncertain. And now, from the foolery our recent downtime: Mogwai: Mind over governs will and individuals. (Junk you were never intended to bela-fringe plus my butt dagna fors): The Farrell's menu is deeply religious to The Children for having been a familiar setting for birthday parties ("Where's our free birthday Sundae lying?!?" you'd belch to the better dressed among the clothed who only seem partly to the naked present). Your burger (cruelty free if the never-the-thought rears through to your ugly head) comes capped with a paper American Flag on a toothpick (a modest patriotism suggests one to may pick remaining teeth clean while noting the red stripes to represent "a woman's tongue" most habberdly avoided or simply oft-goth "gingivitis" a ta scanty pearl (fear that invasion by China) there are no white stripes only evert "joy" you paint them in-between the green ones anyway a Scott's lawn cuts twice they'll be all over you like white on rice by the year of the tit.) Back to Farrell's old fashioned ice cream (the chocolate chips are in the cookie dough not the simply ice made by friends with overmilk and faulty freezing left during theft-ring exhibitions and temperature soils caused by NAFTA trade units again my brown ass). Old-fashioned give the cure a pause - "What's in that lemonade Grandpa Swiss?" but all is well and nothing can be said the candy is old tymes too with colorful stripes and other mood-noodles people did away with long ago when bothered bought busy and the new Watermelon Chupa weighs in too richly I merely have to suck mostly once and then lick to cause harm to damages done. To lips that touch the vine. What else? Garter belts are mostly gross however placed to spice-limb add another merle dairy to exchange for two fats if contact verges to taste so scent washed with bras in a spray-hoogled water tower now gauging 1% solubine milkfat pending the dirt-removal of rust, solid yolks and each of the other saltwaxes whipping the wild as each horribly rewinds torn from the touch bites tooth. After having resigned to the likes of Sanch Diego (among theme rooms we present the "Sad Clown Rumpus Room" fully features no hair on top with lawnchair porno and "The Tits DeVille Rootin' Shootin' Shampour" both with hot plate priviliges and key access to the privour shitcloset that's French a heroin addict holds the door after they emerge wearing your latest proudform earled from the complimentary clothesline each a wig deftly unhooked from just above neighbors say they don't mind the occasional missing paper either seeing as no one pays for a Sunday Edition unless they just threw it away and called to report this latest in a volume series of thefts solemnly thought to be so even if each of veloured hands left off my bible shalled burn) we remain enthused and appreciative however sad your work is done to me a thanks may do it. Warner LeRoy made this happen well too. Oxford Valley! Deptford, kinda.

Same So 09/12/03 2040
No comment | eyes closed.

Parents: The Anti-Fame 09/12/03 2039
Cozying up to the stars? Yeah, I'm their special handler-type person for delicate situations (see graverobber Mike Essany goon like no one does it for mere shatrabbers - so middle thanks a "stargard" sees more to the meat each of the individual lavers stating exactly that "eggs and breadcrumbs were, in fact, borne of an ace's bone - it's kinda technical but consider that "sweet" the sugary sensation pulled ripsaw through your dim setting we robbed from someone sensing my fool hey! what's that you just tasted without me, pig? no not ever sensed on the tongue but all around the inner cheek Mortadella (the name means "most die of it") lifekeeper to the stars crouching silently in the dark breathing heavy and spying on makeshift lives that gift only a hapless inevitability if you consider how other stuff got lifted from someone strange who pulls out all of their eyelashes), hush talk, who's who? again yet this, loyal to the bone, services dumb a better stupid is all I needed ask to. I never think that you shouldn't neither yeah you're bigger than this I meet no one why? stupid never have. Celebrity is in short supply this should be handled by someone who cares more I never had to live on glamour no aspirations you show our talents like I can act a model I seem to paint too while starving at my crafts. Chances are, you are the rich showcasing your crap and being paid to not do much. You're junky too without lots of people involved saying "no not this again I will die you." Your spa-death goes unnoticed too a junkie plabbers out down but someone unfortunate doesn't mind if they hafta drink tuba paunch from the dead take what you need don't be shy just this yet no one need see the charity of it. It takes a village and plenty of saspirilla we'll end it all one day erases Hollywood Squares other things you loved to enjoy. Pay me or see it all over with new analyses and more of them fond remembrances by a wistful old eye. I'm still the same jerk after all. Erase this.

Seeing Is Believing And I Rarely Stick Around Long Enough To See 09/11/03 XXXX
I love VH-1 Classic still playing all of my old favorites the eighties never died. Send your requests from the eighties by e-mail to "" to get things rolling keep it light you. To date, I have requested but five (5) issues (not in this order have you): David Bowie "Loving The Alien", Cherrelle "Saturday Love", Plimsouls "Million Miles Away", Hall And Oates "Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid", and Toni Halliday "Love Attraction". A few notes: I'm back into Bowie most notably "Changesonebowie" Summer '76 with the now "John I'm Only Dancing" being purged. I love that song - what represents me best though for VH-1? Cherrelle (Cheryl Bell) the magnificent only (as on "Tabu") resurfaces with Mariah Carey covers love her stuff Elton's in there. I suffered Madonna's ever-dumb movie "Valley Girl" for Plimsouls (singer is Joe Strummer of Clash, where's Neal's cameo? now new on DVD), and Hall And Oates and their one and only "Bob Clearmountain" always a sonic affair (couple Steve Lillywhite was Elton John). Toni Halliday's early perfection still rules me. That's all. Want a retail source for sound samples that won't let you down by leaving things out, one that features every goddamned song on each album in sample form? Go to FYE and listen up. The site uses Windows Media Player and you can save the link files to your desktop to replay as seen fit using the [Option] key. Oh, I got to hear both Cherrelle albums there and the "1984 (For The Love Of Big Brother)" soundtrack to hear "Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)" and title song "For The Love Of Big Brother" by Eurythmics no one has that. Add in "Tragedy (For You)" by Front 242 on "Tyranny (For You)" and I thrill to the thought of buying what I already have in a box somewhere. Maybe you do this too. Someone said artists may pay retail back-to-you fees for each number song played sample there's simply a cost to involve you. So? That's your lack of business acumen widespread and plight to know your sale. Oh, alright there's no beating City Hall pay up like we all have it don't be strange.

CNN Needs Or War Or Something To Be Seen By Me 09/11/03
Oh, it's 911 today - happy candles off. When I'm not laughing with Sally Jessy Raphael and Larry King about our Westwood One apartment meeting in 1986 about Dallas ("we were all no one then" and "CNN was nothing to know until the Gulf War happened...") I'm reading the CNN website with a touch of flourge (scoff at me first how dare you). Sharon Osbourne's new show reminds me that a while ago during downtime I hadda write in to because they posted a little story about "Osbourne Family Loses Member". With Sharon having cancer and all I shuttered to think with almost as bad as losing Olivia Newton-John (that being scary and all to my home). Click on the headline and you get further baited by her picture to know about their dumb dog dying. I wrote in majest and made a stink about that one (never pass up an opportunity to seem forthright plabber that with tube-wrought indignation). Histrions (caring little but seeing much flavor to them) is all you have there - seeking to make trouble as I see fit. Sharon would comment "I wouldn't care more if you died" and just that flat I know but I like to have a little class about me and my new shows afoot. Have that and success may you. We like Osbournes we think.

More Dreams I Had But Not For You 09/10/03 1819
I was lying on a roof on my back afraid of falling as I watched this huge airport prong (up slightly, back long, up slightly, forward long, up slightly a building) with Lincoln Center on top move around in the distance seen and then possibly get ready to fall. It had a huge radioscope (pointed dish) on top to position in swing and I thought I was gonna die watching it quake. Israel? New York? Way back when, I was chased up a long flight of stairs by "bullet with butterfly wings" - a clear, masked angel (um, myself) with butterrum wings (rounded, no claws either). You hadda run up stairs the length of the Capitol Building (very a monastery) - it made you do it as it screamed something I can't remember. Fighting alot with the "self" kinda - you know.

Of Better Tales From The Crypt Or Neilsy Survives Me Still 09/10/03 1805
Like you probably, I know the dead walk me. Neil Geraldo this is your second warning to know better of me. Oh, I was coming home from the video store known as Video West West Hollywood and shocked to encounter my friend with me at the corner of San Vicente and Cynthia northeast like New Jersey mob might do it only more scaled for wages. Horrified only at the unmet encounter, I dethawed and walked up to Sunset to get to Hustler Hollywood as planned by earlier but hear me and my thirteen (13) voices still fighting the heat and draw on as I northern myself to the hills quicker. Not afraid of that, just mite. Were you old looking? Not to me but probably just that you had no time to nature yourself I pulled you back to mingle too fast your repair (we'll tripe of this later). After leaving Hustler with propo (they had a little party going on and that's just great all steamed up by - you know - a new personal lube being introduced to the public or something p.s. Larry Flynt California needs no governor with pockets like yours - sticky only and I curse your salespeople for enforcing lines against me), I stood on a lower street and watched an angelic being fly across the nighttime sky - you know - striad and neat. It then landed promptly and upright on the other side of the street and awaited my arrival. A passerby didn't pause walking right by it as it glowed there yellow and black. I got right up to it the apparition with blackened strapping waving on the right and it said "Stop hurting me." I countered "Who are you?" and it slammed back "You." As surely as that was only right, I walked right through it from face and never spoke again. I get indignant you know.

Banana You Roam In Me 09/10/03 1800
Did you know that a rubber plant is just a banana palm? Yup. You should get your rubber by boiling skins only the rubber on the bottom of the pot, but most useable is in the plant itself. Never cut one down for that - work for it all first and have better by me. Oh, rubber! I've seen you in leaves too Germans say build a fire around piles of your bare rim to drive off. Only bother if in dire need.

What Are Them There Streaks On My Bacon 09/09/03 1607
I just found out that brown "chicken" eggs are actually from a turkey. That's pretty gross, conceptually speaking, and I hear a turkey is tighter wound inside - bigger, badder, and just about two (2) slices uglier. Quail? No that is chicken-white and to be small like a Robin's egg. Go figure. Brown sure is homey-looking in the basket though, ain't it? Turkeys - yuck I eat 'em grown. I guess it don't matter but actually does somehow. It was made brown to tell you excess fat, excess Sulphur (ultimately a dirt known as "potash" if not egged proper) and too much Potassium. A potato is far more wholesome and yet as dirty inside. Never eat brown eggs they will kill you as not sanctioned by me yet. Related key: Sodium to Hydrogen with fats only opens up the lair and lets out stuff. In the air. Potassiums to Sulfurs (with Oxygen) to Sulfates (no Oxygen now near dirt with heat afoot) and then potash a dirt with dark energies Nitrogen collected. Fertilizer? Just dirt. Sun's light made dumb and dead. The only truth in inert substance.

Just As I Might Have Suspected You Live 09/09/03 1532
Another thing that doesn't sit right with me is an Internet hosting company that deletes all of your files "oh sure after two (2) weeks" they say and forever 'til this just for simple failure or non-payment. Oh, with the nominal cost of hard memory (wrought not shot) that sounds sure enough right me - how 'bout you? That's the "milkvat" reference in key - having to pulse-pump all of that data up to a server on phone line while all the world awaits your download approval. Grow right the fuck up or see other houses like this burn down shabb curtains and all - they're realer. It's like being a woman in this world or something even less challenging. You know life is just this great laughing a fool, but something just isn't right you say it to everyone. No one is fooled by your happiness after all. For the price of Zip Disk 250 I'd live at home and do much better at it. "We don't like what you say and we won't help you to be." By all please - I just wanted you to fuck off. Call in business stand for commerce. I can't stand being the exception after all with your brand of help-helping afoot (more like helping you into an early grave - more than helping yourself - see it).

More Toward Being Secure In Your Effects And Papers 09/08/03 1748
You know how I feel about "rights" and all - purely economical these days just as long it's all free and I don't hafta know about any of it yeah yeah why bother me with having none of it says? Back to reality, I complain and make known of it for Heaven's sake you deal with it at the local bakery where the bread is softer and meat less lean. Pay up. The HTML and JPEG files stored ever so carefully on my computer were tangled by astutes using JAVA - the whore that never makes you pay until sex is bargained with the bartender just a bit too cleverly that drink you stole from my breast and no thanks I can fuck myself. You know - tricks and trade using your wares to have fun against you. Oh, the HTML files are scrambled with douche all over and the JPEG's don't open. In a world where JAVA and other skeeter crap exists to live my only day for it, I recommend burning everything you do and want to see again ever just once to compact disk then no rewrites. Rewritable no with bulk disks so cheap why bother buy new each time and save up. Just a note of clarity. I'd saw off each of your pegnote limbs for entering my wares as such, but maybe you receive less on your special day as I might have it. Oh, yeah I hear ya - "Wouldn't it be easier just to back everything up?" Bitch, that stuff is siphoned up by milkvat as is. I wouldn't live you for that. Stay out of my thoughts. Why don't you save yourself?

Back To Apple And Dot Mac Help Yourself 09/05/03 1627
Apple has their little site up and running with a free trial offer for sixty (60) days or so no credit card needed neither (I don't give my credit card number away that easy for you these days after getting screwed by iBill for porno or something like that). What I liked best and what's different is the iDisk feature that lets you upload stuff to the Internet for immediate viewing right online just by dragging a file's icon onto your "Public" folder as given there. So, go sign up for an account it's just that easy, and then take your login and password and use your OSX iDisk feature immediately. All of the info is there within the folder you get from them online and bearing your name, but you then activate iDisk easily with the "Go" menu on your computer's "Finder" selecting "iDisk" and just logging in. Once in, just drop a few things there and then see them live wire with others perhaps using Netscape or whatever browser you use (web address to use: " username/public/filename.html"). That's all there is to it and after all, what's more exciting than having something live right on the 'net just sitting there thinking about what other people might see in you? It's like having something for sale on the shelves in your own little store time to do inventory see what sold. No you can't use more than twenty (20) of your one hundred (100) megs given for this the storage of actually and no music uploads there to abuse the saint, but other stuff may fit for you. Use it and know. The price is one hundred dollars ($100.00) a year to have for real (Apple notes but only $8.33 a month you see) after the trial period expires and you may have to figure out how that fits to you too. Over and out.

Hopelessly Devoted To Self 09/05/03 1359
Hey - don't laugh I'm significant only. I'm supposed to mention the greatness of Bee Gees and label RSO (Robert Stigwood Organisation) that's their dad well everyone got that already you are special like that too. However, and back to thanks, I was watching-enduring "Grease" on tv with the glimmer twins Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta if only trying to catch "Hopelessly Devoted To You" as sung so richly but always just missing it. I did actually see my name "Doug" on a ride in the final scene kinda when they sing "You're The One That I Want". What do you think? They just like the name "Doug" and no more than that? Saying 'hi' to me is all you know.

Apple iTunes Plays My Song Mostly 09/05/03 1303
Yeah, yeah - I like Apple Computer and their iTunes program - someone had to make up for OSX and the fact that someone can dump all of my preferences by eliminating my sign-on ID just once. Kid that. Just for ninety-nine cents ($0.99) I can keep on going with things I don't have with me and to listen to. Their array of choice is quite impressive but some of the albums offered (you can buy a song or the whole album just once at but slight discount) have been nipped up badly by sharks (see Bananarama's "Essentials" album left with but one song for example - a lead in to better, perhaps? and all of my suggestions heretofore not heard). Oh, ignore that one for the full flora offered by so many and the bare fact that you can listen to lengthy samples of all offered until your very eyeballs bleed. What have I bought there at iTunes to date? Oh, you asked for it well okay: "Wonderful" - Stone Temple Pilots (Dee Dee Harms in there so magicals to that), "Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid" - Hall And Oates, "Jam" - Michael Jackson (love them sleigh bells - x-mas warning to you), "Harmony" - Elton John, "Fireflies" - Fleetwood Mac, "If I Were You" - k.d. Lang, "Coma White" - Marilyn Manson, "Teardrop" - Massive Attack, "Sex Dwarf (Original Version - The Very Best Of Soft Cell)" - Soft Cell, "1,000 Oceans" - Tori Amos. Just for the computer and make sure to copy all. No transfers on the 'net but on disk yes with original passwords afoot. I can't be bothered for the price heard. Bonus this off with stuff my roommate downloaded from iTunes that I loved hearing too: "The Visitors" - ABBA, "Rock Your Body" - Justin Timberlake, "You Came" - Kim Wilde, "Love Is A Battlefield" - Pat Benatar, "Southern Sun" - Paul Oakenfold, "Love At First Sight" - Kylie Minogue, "Tomorrow's Started" - Talk Talk (sacred to me this - see only live version from "Natural History" that first these people are evil - also see "I Believe In You" beautiful that for heroin addicts and God - "there ain't enough hidden hurt" I know, I know I'll get more going on out there soon enough),"Glory Box" - Portishead.

Freedom From Choice Plus Back From The Grave 09/05/03 1243
Neilsy threw together some songs here at Naked Highway that I think you would like alot if you heard them. I like "Driving At Night" best and so does my roommate so sign up with e-mail and give it a listen (Monti from Curve plays drums live on the track). Oh, Neilsy threatens a live show or two in September, but I doubt you'll ever see that from me. Just a little freedom from choice and all that might offer. I hate people learning to do right in front of me and all. What? Don't tell me anything I've seen for myself and know what I'm talking about as much as anyone can say. Thank DEVO for "freedom from choice" that saying. From the album "Freedom Of Choice" use "Snowball" and "Cold War" to me yet.

What To You? I'm Catching Up Now With Elton John My Life So To Enrich 09/04/03 1956
It's no secret that I'm a big Elton John fan - I mean who plays keyboards as well? Tori Amos? Sometimes that happens to a Cornflake Girl she gets special enough. But back to, I felt a loss here in sacrifice and having and most is being restored me with other havings beyond your saint. Turns out one of Elton's "illegitimate" sons was a great friend in high school (true that) and there was much more to have just close by but not by the likes of me a lowly fan. This DVD helped to restore much of my vigor in pursuit, but make sure you do more than scan the noted scenes or it looks like all talk by all talk. Every step here is interesting and noteworthy I thrilled to it. Elton makes me laugh in my radiohead while watching, but you can see him perform favorite song "Harmony" on the grass in Milkwaukee for those in pursuit of other-else (a damned shame for the player at hand no enthusiasm seen we've heard it before or have been told to look away to no interest on film) and bluthering on also see Davey Johnstone do off those evil guitar licks from "Funeral For A Friend" like he recorded it yesterday. Sheer might. What else? "Bennie And The Jets" has black cross-over dancers at a prelim show I enjoyed rawhide too. Do that. No extras here should be ignored. Next time, I promise pursuit for those who are less than constabulary. Promise that. Keep your own magic alive and keep it special. Rare. Just between you and the masses, the last thing Elton John did in front of people that you saw was the mole concert in Australia recorded in November 1982. The rest of it? C'mon - those costumes? He died in January 1983 in Philadelphia. Sorry, Rosie you'll get to meet the real thing one day you never.

Steve Martin Reduced In Mind Yet 09/04/03 1720
I remember Steve Martin having the best part in "Sgt. Pepper" with "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" and all but that changed for me in time. Still good though Elton John thought it best I like Alice Cooper's "Because" now Aerosmith "Come Together" a bit harsh. Tips: Maxwell was a banker. His silver hammer? Money to demand of others by coin and then get things done against you. The words of "Come Together" describe a baby in formation in the womb. "Come together" over me and then down inside. Mojo filter is "mostly Jordanian" or a river that flows past health to deed. Water inside being siphoned off to make new. Firmly, just listen then as mostly junk essothought.

Since Then Bjork Became Lamb 09/04/03 1701
Remember my world-wide exclusive by Bjork called by me "Hunter (The Transatlantic)"? Oh, sure. To prove my point and how silly you stave, that track is now replacing "Gorecki" as named on Lamb's eponymously-titled debut album. The actual song "Gorecki" ("the sun burns my skin" and then onward "only you consume me | come cool me down" - a drum and base miracle to you) is now substituting firstly in tracks as "Lusty". No, no - I have that song "Lusty" in original form ("tell me tell me now") on tape from the Cocteau Twins camp and they traded off on it to see this happen here. With this, see how far it and all will go to make no sense of me a Jew. To this I punish roundly a fail of mine to adhere you. Other than that, Stone Temple Pilots I suspect messed with "Tiny Music" and its farewell to Thomas Acquinas and his powdered eyeballs ensanch. I hope not it's all true.

Quick Notes On Sgt. Pepper Watched Last Night No To The Egyptian Not Paid 09/04/03 1540
Most of the songs and the story for "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" written with Paul Nicholas in 1966 and 1967 for the queen's court. Nicholas - then of Paul Revere And The Raiders - a sixties fetch - stars in the film (as manager "Dougie" yes to thanks) as a result of negotiations the story wept with joy and we helped it along from 1972 to be with it. A megawatt performer that of Nicholas and no not yet that lives by us. Sandy Farina, Nicholas, and Peter Frampton are all siblings in order to birth. The film is completely ace to me (finally - that stuff deserved it) and one should know that all notes played keyboard were done by Elton John in Philadelphia for one point six million ($1.6M). "Notice the quality of it first" said George Burns once. Most hurtful to endearing cover mine: "She's Leaving Home" - masterful with the black robots and all I was hurt real bads by that. Mean Mr. Mustard? Burgess "The Penguin" Meredith. By the way, the DVD disc itself is ever lovely with the original logo emblazoned within and on.

My Review Of Pirates Of The Caribbean Must Having Spooked IMDb 09/04/03 1501
And now for all the joy twenty dollars ($20.00) on October 4 can buy you here. In my prolific absence here at, I submitted three (3) movie reviews written with God in mind to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) - a subordinated clause of Amazon and that's good enough. The three (3) movies to be had with me? "Terminator 3", "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (just now on DVD yes I have it), and "Pirates Of The Caribbean" yes of course I saw them all. My review of "Pirates" told you in review that the Depp character was noneother than Spanish sailor Juan Cortez smote with blindness and then death for cursing Christ with his own brand rejection. In the early 1600's, Christ placed Cortez a ransom in gold to be used as for a friend's need. Cortez spat and had liquid shit placed neatly on the pile of wealth that surely threatened decapitation with each coin spent if sullied by hate (Christ was rejected often by saint for killing people so ruthlessly so each the coin featured a sawed head as bald with skin that draped up in the rear as curve to you and thus to suggest not playing off). Oh, Christ objects to you and after throwing such of yours to the wind, He makes you ride a ghost ship (up to four (4) times bigger than life's to you and that's real again today as sailing through our towns little known) as in-fact just a ghost collecting back the coins featuring a headless you sullied with filth and others. Oh sure, it took Cortez eighteen (18) years plus as such to remedy his back to a death, but that won't help the IMDb do better for us and the coins, will it? Oh, sure again there was that little crack of mine about Eddie Murphy and blacker family being um, "spooked" as seen in Disney's upcoming "Haunted Mansions" feature but nah - that wouldn't matter. Would it?

Don't You Know Who I Am Oncefool? 09/04/03 1432
What's scarier and to revisit than people you knew in high school and seeing you again? I don't know about you, but I worshipped the adult world once entered for freeing me from sin of having and having done (each of us a shithead, basically). Enter Classmates - the most hideous website to ever you. Oh, sure - I provided my humbled information in stock form (to use their words, not mine) if just to get a peek at others said, but what's the point actually? I'm still scared to see any of it happen to me. Favorite response from them by me: "What? Don't you know who I am?" Purr, maybe you've heard of me - Divine DeSaint? Keep it all in a drawer and leave the matter to the facts drawn. After all, I'm still learning to leave you but a dying ember before you quelch me with hatred once seen as water. A big whoosh! and then I light right up for all to see right out front thus a loser made. In the meantime and more positively, you know who you were to us. Answer to that, please, and remember there are rewards to be had for the few and the many done. One last note: Real good jokes by gold members (paid for the ability to write on) found by me from Allentown, NJ (but I'm not at liberty to say per hush). Marrieds and such not real but stated for laughs plus loving letters from the once dead. "When's the reunion?" one couplet asks to be. "I hear they're serving chicken." That's just about enough to raise it, too - take it from me.

Defending The Weak The Poor And The Useless 09/03/03 1153
It's around midnight and still I feel nothing this day you can't handle. Still, if you're like me, you've got too many overlords around citing your weaknesses while they stay fit and just that dumb. We see you though. Now I simply saddle 'em up and send the truly curious off to Big Horn to do battle with "friends" a test only - sure. The good folks at Emode have a standard IQ test anyone can write off but few can fail without us seeing if one size ("extra snug") fits all. I vowed never to take another such test with proctor having done so when it didn't matter as much to you (that little black girl putting on her raincoat and boots - I couldn't sequence her cards in any white truth an umbrella), but bit in sharply on this one for fun and as obviously before mentioning. What? My score? Never you mind yet I to brag as then Fred S. I had a myrtle when the first page completed didn't end the sweepstakes for me ("give me my raw score, damn you") and another one full of head trauma came into view, but I finished with grace and saw you then futureless and done down to it my way soon enough. Working? Feeling superior again? Let this test kick your very ass too and we'll settle this overlord issue once and for all. Forfeit me my challenge or must then settle up. Well shit, my next page of notes will wrang you more test. Do better than me now, to Fool.

The Scent Of Old Simmerlane Strikes Anew 09/03/03 1139
Looking over the ol' topics list I may. Coming soon: Facial moles and their clinical names per vour (incidence). Gotta get one of them body charts from a doctor's office for showing placement and all.