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Another Play On Words 04/20/03 1623
Thanks to VH-1 Classic (Adelphia 148) again for all you know to be and for playing Wings' "Helen Wheels" (a firm play on words for "hell on wheels" I get it too). That song is not featured on Wings' "Greatest Hits" and is near that what else did I miss? The song is featured, however, on the "Band On The Run" LP. I like Wings (all Beatles having done better after the fact to me) and see it shine with that Rolls Royce Corniche convertible taking on a spin in the video for the song. Again, more early rock glamour to you and me. Oh, and that reminds me of "Back To The Egg" (sly that) and "Getting Closer" - I used to play that one to early death too - see it.

My Madonna Makeover To You In Keeping With Us-You 04/20/03 1548
See the latest People Magazine (not the best link of fortunes and made) for Madonna's most lucid cover to date you (no sign of it yet). I saw it in the Pavilions West Hollywood last night and recoiled in faith from it three (3) weeks old demanded anew. What's to become of us-you? Neil demands I stop making her my friend (old tracks of it), but I can't resist making a new mark or two. The new album I hear is like all days forth - what's the bother? Robin approves. I may too. Other than that, I used to collect People Magazine most all through the eighties (when stars were more - how should we say? glamourous) and have pretty much the whole shitload in storage. First issue is the Karen Carpenter death issue (1982, church stairs with casket + yellow jumpsuit) and spotty onward to full force in mayhems. I just couldn't throw an issue away as too nice for the bucks, really. Eventually, I had to stop the madness for myself by not subscribing anymore - you know how it goes. Oh, alright - I live in the eighties and plan on staying a while.

Cherish The Thought Merely 04/20/03 1540
I love words and cling to conventional wisdoms regarding them like you cling to your sheets: hardly at all, but you lay there anyway as if they were made of steel and you rubber. Sometimes I find out we messed up together (generous - I share your blame too all the while blaming you for this also). Take the words "algorithm" and "logarithm" (correct spelling is heretofore "logorithm") - both wildly informing with one meaning "steps to" as in a computer program (in reference to each step of) and the other meaning "counts as" (what it takes in treatment to produce a quantity number that is sighted and not seen - e.g., to produce "100", base "10" is raised to the power of "2" as sighting before and needing quantity production), respectively. We use these terms often, but an algorithm (the prefix "algo" means "spoken to" only - "algus"? that is "spoken to while walking" - "algevus"? spoken to while riding [back and forth]) indicates "taken without meaning further" or a quantity spoken to. A number only. The prefix in "logorithm" - "logo" - means to "sighted only" - not steps taken as in one of our computer programs no. The steps taken to get there in each of the four realms (has, needs, wants, makes - more later) is what you need to do on the side. You see it. Keep using computer programs to solve you as "routine" only for "makes with one's hands and thoughts" to Latin from "routines" but know that no one really cares - or do you? In the meantime, convention rules us.

Right Straight From My Other Musical Friends Lying Also 04/19/03 1513
My other musical friends tell me that a study is necessary to get funding in place for a real recording of session, but that they only work to provide what little will sell them - not the whole ball of wax to you. I always tell people like and of Madonna "If they could've gotten rid of you, they would have" (keep playing your own parts or see it done one day and innocently enough, too) and that much is still true with on the eve of her new album looming better not be to you. Point is, people steal the ideas they hear on demo and then you get to hear someone else do it better than you did. We won't have it. Sell that only - you paid. The music business - the more I learn, the less you know.

Was Christine McVie's Last Name Really "Perfect" Or Did We Just Take A Tip On That One? 04/19/03 1424
Oh, they're back at it - Fleetwood Mac have released another ever-bake to the unwielding masses yet again missing a tooth or two to diminishment may I see. After trying various combinations of loss, we now have "Say You Will" to what I reply "No I Just Can't". Not that bad, but the tracks were recorded over four-score ago for a study (proposal) on an upcoming album to no fest. You buy this one over to keep the flame anew, but I hear instruments in there now they gave faces to used again in this recording and I cite keeping the instruments on stage the long way (less of stage hands required - see it our world devious ever shoot me). I gave this new CD a quick stemm in the store and I hear good starts with tambourine, percussion, Stevie and all and then no gift without further payment perhaps we can talk of it (otherwise, you may hafta call Sheryl Crow in to finish the song she's not as cheap as we are you know - overall, that is...what? she's here already? new songs? repackaging? oh I see). Anyway, hear me roar you. Ever accused of not being a true fan, I hafta answer questions from the band on their pleasings to no bother at all - ask away to well-birthed. One question: Who's better - Stevie or Christine? Neither. I've never seen two (2) wildcats more evenly distributed in spirit and tone I defy thee. I mean, Christine puts musical notes all over as a kinda war paint to define her region musically (see the cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Mirage" and other of note) with the playing keyboards and all and I adhere to the thought only when we speak to each other in mind no professional I but she is. A bit hard that woman, but even I had to admit having a taste for musical stationary to help others define my own interests afoot when one needed only to know better. But back to and apparently (Hi Shane your mother is this? I bite), she wouldn't buy into this venture once more. "Nobody pays, nobody plays." See it better and where does it all end you? Not here.

Sweet & Low This The Low-Price Sugar Double May Cross Hair With Aspartame A Flavor Reducer 04/18/03 0456
Aw, come undone. You can still make that very someone special without any loss to tooth decay and fatisture - every how and again if to they must you. Let's face it - you're probably gonna make someone special anyway hand to be. I ate something barn-fresh at a mute little party one Christmas (hroo ungays - one of them Italian rolls that swirl with lunch meats in-spread with your favorite conhostiles - what? a little moustard - actually a haviste of dog crap - you won't settle this just yet). Sure, that was real special for me - lying around for days moaning like someone pulled the plug on my craft-matic adjustable sleeper right after raising it up to the very ceiling. I never ate so good. If you fed that to me, a great legacy of caring you. Mind says it was Jesus the donor heart himself and I believe that only. "You're going to honor me yet - even if it pays you in dimes."

SARS Wars The Endover Writes Back 04/18/03 0425
SARS? Says anything reaches still. We've been observing your Earth and would like to make contact with you (passive voice that) we are your friends. SARS is flu-like moismy to replace the AYDS affirmative for those who see and feel with but others as we skip along merrily this world endures you to be this only sometimes only often not here a very world of it said no to you and yes I do. Viral? Hah! Not for that! Ohhh....Cha-Ka's not feeling too good of it today not pills will save you some grief no me to SARS. The magic number is seven (7) and death bells hallow you to same it is never enough to know actually said of it (friends not friends god not god). Leave it to be there said otherwise smart never had to be bothered with any of it and that pretty much stinks.

Shit Zoo Ever Mean 04/17/03 1306
This little feature at Hotmail asks "Do you know what the name 'Shih Tzu' means?" Yeah - "ratty negglefur that bestinks to a foot length how" muss kiddin'. The feature says "lion-dog" (porchow) and no that is somehow elegant. Shih (Mandarin Chinese for "many questions") Tzu (at same dialect for "avoided at wondering why") means "never asks for favors; has for you" - a real showstopper. Lion-dog! My experience says stinky, mean, and bella-cursed with a little dog's life a near-retard.

From Time To Time 04/16/03 1045
As you may see, I make tiny little corrections to the text here and as I see fit. Don't get made - I gotta deliver better for better seen. That's God's work is you. My perfection is yours to.

When To Just Say Fuck It You 04/16/03 1014
So last night I do my California tax return at the last minute only (no money here with no thanks to you hi hi) just to get the paper in under the April 15 belt at the local post office. So I sashay mindless talking to myself and you therefore to the West Hollywood post office on San Vicente to pop my little return into a special tuna box before the bulge hits and the nets are pulled my fin. Once there and sure enough, someone from esteem and network services is pasting up Mac work on the walls and boxes redirecting my effort abroad you to other surrounding "main" post offices (what? this one looks "main" enough to me each day as I wait in line forever and ever you). Seems from the official Mac word I had to go further for this April 15 postmark service now of you. I just did a momentary refract and tossed it in one of their lonely boxes anyway. Sometimes you gotta just say fuck it and I did just that always so fucking cheap with me. I expected in the head to have this done such a way and now nothing of it stalls me. I dunno - should I specialize in being the exception once again pouring through one of your newsprint magazines trying to figure out how to kill your spirit once more again with paperwork from this and then that and as such for no more of fees this? One of my new lovers-task masters also in the head gave me a hard time over this just tossed and made sure that I understood musically-speaking that I had to make the extra effort next time he should ever ask once or then more if so such then countered with omnitruth and then perhaps with the threat of additional tax-fees on nothing owed at then first or at all to you. This is why older men make me unhappy being my dad and or similar governance stay away for you I'm in charge with you now you'll just hafta understand this one day. In the meantime, big brother my lover may have been right about all you know to be, but the whole thing is like anyone who plays concerts over and over in my pyramid scheme while all of your music sorts up to point and you play a high revue much of missing, I can't stand to go through all in my head to shift-present my but one point at the top neither. You'll get this all one day I swear you much like the tax people get to see what they seek to see as presented to nothing as no one over and over. Now see this to better you or then just see me.

Never Work A System 04/15/03 1816
I'll have you know that I always do my part although challenged in reverse by people routinely. I've been with two (2) top-notch accounting agencies here in LA and New Jersey available each weekly since before this began - to no avail. Sure, I look around in the paper and think about more involving you not, but I'm just doing to be. No hot shots. No challenge to unemployment benefits (still continuously mind you for benefits already received) ever successful enough just sees it to be. I never work a system for benefits of any kind ever and I love the scent of defeat (strongly bearing you enough) for those who move beyond a legal perspect to but just doing at risk of it. See ya there.

It Just Goes To Show Ya You Can't Get Blood From A Bodily Water Act 04/15/03 1758
Here's the piss-poor facts you from my Calendar 2002 to joy you: Federal Adjusted Gross Income (um, just add it all up the honey all hive less sting): $9,797.00 (exactly $6,350 from unemployment sources California and New Jersey). I paid the Feds exactly $417.84 in payroll taxes taken (never from unemployment you) and had taxes assessed at $209.00 less their earned income credit of $98.00 for a refund now of $306.00 (you can keep the eighty-four cents, sure - give it to administration fine job you on the phone the nearest whole dollar is only down to you no more see a bill to all no). I love just calling the IRS's Teletax system (nothing fancy by you mind it) at the last minute just doing my part - you know. I'll be waiting outside for the cash.

Nothing Known To Me 04/15/03 1539
Remember, Fledge, we talked of "warms the cockles of my heart" with "cockles" being the innermost region of it? Well, here's better: The word "cockles" speaks-means to all you can hide in the center without the outside seeing of it (as love may be hidden from others quietly and saintly you). We err never, but see better maybe. Other than that, nothing new to you. Today, I finally report my borgeis (say "bor-jayce" as French for "having no scent or feel") annual incomes favorably to the governments of both California and the United States. More or less of you.

For A Better Person Known To Be 04/14/03 1236
I hope you enjoy me like I do, but sometimes I just can't agree with this stuff - you know - it rubs me the wrong way and all. If I killed everything that annoyed me on-the-spot like I try to, I wouldn't have those little moments off to the side sometime later on where I come to terms with an alternate's simply just therefore being and say to myself "You know, she's not so bad after all - half-glad my initial orders weren't taken seriously heh heh made to be good defeats an unknowing evil but never depend on this no one knows anything of it at all see I smile in your fucking face too." And then "What lilyshit - instrument of my peace you" as now crudely fashioned into blade. That's just my humour but as you know there is a seriously informing side to things (like attempted murder) a golden vein if you will to be. They other call it "crass" - humourless and uninforming but truth to you. Let me entertain you. Someone special took exception to my monkey business, but that is harming to you only if you have a monkey and have done such things about it and by agreement. Watch over your monkey that is our world real and how annoying others no wrong answer now you're better off about things with me in-check. When I was growing up (can you believe all of the great little stories I have all very in truth and all cut to size you enjoy me I know what I'm doing you), I had a neighbor friend who had a monkey in the family it just upped and died one day I never saw it ever. I know what happened to it - do you? Just being neighborly know better. These things are complex and ruling you every day. Every day you. And now I share that I know what happened to the very Bubbles too. Life can be rude and short your mother.

In The Month Of Madness 04/14/03 1222
Today's vision: "I hafta get him off of that machine! I can't stand him expressing his views to people every day I live." Another womanhad coming undone over her inability to surmount the forces that face her. Eat shit. Woman, I express my individual perspective only and then only to my need everyday a change you see. You are no one to me and no the mother is not sacrosanct even as of today's assess. You are junky in nature and I call it like this and like that. But a word or two will still do nicely. Eat up. Your reality isn't shaped here after all - it is merely confirmed to the touch. A better thought had leading perhaps to an even briefer exchange where time is of the essence or nothing to say, really. No.

Black And White Your Key To Remove 04/13/03 1908
Don't think for one minute you hafta to watch those awful movies named below. I endured the only horrible "The Bad Semen" for well over an eternity more than I could stand all the Jane-howlas in the film naturing each unfortunate (but somehow merciful) death by revealing another piece of the self centered to same. They was all gonna die of it anyway so unloving each gentle to say, but the women really make their way among the feed of it granting each other stays of execution all the way as if to pinpoint their exact location in the overall nothingness that grants it a new day in hell similarly to same. It was already lawn gone and then a little maniacal bitch can truly prosper among the near-dead and merely hoping to die showing her oval stuff to the pre-need aftermarket a refund no sale is final to you the actual buyer-seller look who's buying back the shamily home with her trust it fund soon a Dinah-network of neighborly lesbians fixing the fridge demselves and burning the outhouse down to help heal a bad patch of the hinges left by hoodges. That annuity never paid so well points tips all the hospian extras and the pissmoat a flaming burberry bargain you still I leave. Black and white film must now die with their pocho carnivals filmfests other balbagoyne put it all down the dooch toss in a few stinky ballgowns and a couple of wigs rid the world of this filth only. "Stale incense, old sweat, and lies lies lies." It comes down to this.

Your Star Hasn't Faded That Bads 04/12/03 1833
People in my head go "Oh, now they bother with him." What did you ever do leave it blank. I'm pretty cheap to inquire, and having the right name means you'll never be bothered or mostly even heard from but that's beside the point. These people are stars and that means busy doing stuff for us on other levels all the time okay only selfish better pay me first and not with charm or them feminine wiles neither. Now you hafta know me? Not so - I wouldn't cross the street to meet a celebrity asshole earmarking cash for the daily doughnut, but people are fucking great and that wins me I'm no one. Talk to me my every fool and see how much you matter to God the Creator of all sins you bore to my breath. "Just between you and me, I never gave a shit about that, really. Just trying to get off the hook with God complex and the very masseurs of it - they think they're real technical types we'll figure it all out together shimmering glue-like haze I don't wear the world 'cept when I'm cleaning behind the stove. Not in a world sure I never even seen most of it like you'd know any better anyway so worldy in your travels and all." Sometimes I think I'm the antsi-Christ and Christ (the real livermore with me as typo I'll pray to your holy unlivit) is gonna come again and kick my ass real good and all for heaven's sake so take my mother back to saint it ain't so she loves all them continental prayer breakfasts with them fancy bootnik snausages and all napkins monogrammed with an "H" for "Havinit". Not a chance in hope's dirty wipe I never agreed to star in any Christ vehicles I hate poor people "no not one of your mother's rags on my celebrite flooring ever not you" unless offered the role of Supreme Being. I was born to play the Eternal Child, the one who could put his hand on it and all OK! enough about me the greatest glory ever you see this come my day in hand my wiping of forget.

Another Message From The Great Beyond As Only I Do This 04/12/03 1804
It's like I'm the mother-nurturing agent in "The Good Son" - on one arm David Bloom (real name is Mark Bryant) on the other Neil I drop them both accidentally of course I hate being forced to choose. After all, who am I to know? Martini & Rossi on da rocks - say yes you. Here's a message from David direct and no I didn't make this up I don't have to I'm very reals you: "I'm coming back in four (4) years. Have a brew inside of you soon. Doug Moon is a liar only." Don't ask me what that means I just do what I do and you follow along with your own fantasies my heart belongs to me and sometimes David Bloom. My humor sucks today may see.

Oozing My Sooch 04/12/03 1027
"Why all the talk about Pat Benatar?" I like that bitch and she looks cute ever. Neil was God-like to me and whoever is playing the role for the last ten (10) or so years scared me to homo death. Neil is a God to all who know him very fucking nice with me hates people like me thinks he's a Jew knows our family his real last name is awful only never use it. I spent an eternity with him learning about all I don't know will do more of this you see nothing more than I a young guy in child's tuxedo jacket boxer shorts rings right hand. Special people from New Jersey too not you. Did you know the name is all we wondered aloud we cry for this too. Sad not really. "If you like people why don't you keep them alive." What's up with you? With me firmly in mind, I take a fool's worth, brush it up to youth me, make it smarter than you, make it mine only, and then shove it back better done and ready for the harder parts. They turn on me and I make 'em eat shit to fear me once again. I don't believe in being anything rational sums up.

Shut That 04/12/03 0956
Oooh - you don't like my presentation and all? Tough shit. I gotta live to this fuckwells while you get to be paid for being simply stupid and a worth a toss. I hate the way I live and the way you live around it honor my ass and balls. I map to your life shallow all I can to see it ripen for you too. I'm God and God hates everything right now. Everything. You decide first, then Jesus helps me honor his commitment to a self long dead of it. Then, I kill you all for deciding anything that dies. "You are so mean and stupid." I live to fill your mouths with dirt. Letting you be that is a God act only. That is not truth ever. So fucking stupid and no I haven't changed my mind about you pure shit positioned by pure shit is purely shit or 100% pure shit. Pure shit. You ain't never had it right enough and I cringe. Laugh. What junk.

Gonna Dress You Up In My Love All Over All Over 04/12/03 0929
Have a 7-Eleven Slurpee soon enough. I just had one the other day after licking Christ's body all over as it hung on the cross (our way in mind - no spit). When I get mad, I lick that bastard as if he could love me more than his mother's saintly way, more than being blessed a bitch. You enjoy me too much I hear it. But back to what's real, put the dome-lid on the Slurpee cup before you fill with the flavor of your choice then choose a color straw with care. What I hear: "You fucking son-of-a-bitch." Keep talking that tongue has no hook of mine through it yet but soon.

Getting Paid Royally For Your Both King And Queen 04/12/03 0827
I gotta move past this sector of thought into a whole other state of being and then you can puzzle anew good friends. A recent trip to one of those pet supermarkets (scoop-measure your own bag of kitty litter by the pound seeing to it, a vast array of collars with every imaginable size-combination of tinkle bells up through tap-wrought and x-mas warning to you) sees tarantulas and scorpions being sold with reptiles and other junk and I laugh at the prospect of getting one or either as a gift. Unlike snails, I step on that shit for being ugly each life so precious but in my way you wasted the extra hair and the claws on those two bitches both under twenty bucks (< $20.00) who'd bother? Someone desperate for attention ever the need in my day (until someone feeds your monkey a banana with pencils in it or a slice of watermelon laced with poly-glycoat). Someone goes "Oh, they have scorpions all over Arizona they removed the stinger" to what I stab at "so?" That thing has enough hate made to burn and itch again but will wonders ever cease you a pet? In the meantime, each of those creatures hides under the half-log in their respective aquariums hoping not to be seen just a pair of beady eyes in the chips like they know anything at all being just that much the end is always near enough you. P.S. Loving God's work is a great pastime - I do it to annoy only. Cherishing each little create so fascinating we're both in hell my ridicule still intact you so flowers each scents beautiful day love knowing me.

The Future's So Bright You 04/09/03 1817
Timbuk 3 - another revelation yet. The name means nothing to us but studio execs made it up for Pat Benatar and gang to play another gig elsewhere. "It failed us by being too good" one would say. "A good record means a good deal of reinvestment to see our side happen" one would again say. "No one invests anymore because of it" I blab. Alumni Scott St. Sheets: Danny Eldridge (Elfman). "We hate his work (as cheesy), but like him." Doug likes what Danny Elfman does too often to say (but I will anyway "Edward Scissorhands"). "It's about me now" and I quote forth to "No one one makes me happy anyway." Say that.

Out Of The Blue 04/09/03 1835
I can make a few more MPEG's these days so I just put up ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky" hey I pass it around in richer and poorer you. This song was featured on a few commercials of late whatever and you should hear it in full view. I've heard this song a million times as my favorite cut from the album "Out Of The Blue" (yes, I got that from Columbia House in the 1970's to no sale you but other) and I can tell you the end of the song and its orchestration makes me feel it all still. So there.

Heaven's Gate 04/09/03 1439
In Heaven, we celebrate The B-52's now with guest appearances by all known to be. In Heaven we liven each person to faith and make them perform to see if we know who's who and what's what. All in the mind, and all clear for all days. Each performer granted Heaven for making it for me here. Heaven is but an earshot away, but we always know where we keep and with you to land. (Someone will decipher this for us one day - I'm absurd and type what I'm missing in thought. I think Heaven's Gate is about a big swirl of light energy that projects sound plus vision of such as nearing entry - a big doughnut of living joy for the spiritually inclined - go into the light you).

Crimes Of Passion 04/09/03 1417
"Spider James" is from "James And The Giant Peach" - a childhood fable of taking too much too soon and then possibly the number eight (8) and playing strings well. I'm sick again and quite humbled (but not really). To others beyond the helping "My friend here hates me but I love him. Take care." Last sighting by me: VH-1's Ru Paul show performing "Strawberry Wine" looking very nice for the wear both.

As The Bad Seed Comes To Grips With The Evil Dome And Hydroponics 04/08/03 1038
One of the last few episodes of "Six Feet Under" featured gay men sitting around in couples watching "The Bad Seed" in a household film revival (that little opera funeral while I shrunk to thought, was quite nice actually - gay makes me cringe for it in advance with ideas and suggest then brings me around properly to take note of the true masters, really - not of me as such as having been and having done wins it over). Anyway, I catch that show at my leisure (I don't bolt to the tv at time I cannot you, but get back to you soon enough) and that viewing revives the thought of gay cinema must-haves with gays and now I'm sitting here with a brand-new VHS copy of Mervyn LeRoy's (yes, and remember that is now Moe Howard Jack plus-Warner to us) "The Bad Seed" along with half of America I'm sure also tryin' to live it out each little girl that views now pondering the faith - a life of evil doing - with each homosexual male that plays that precarious route (and once again, they are there as masters - see it). To continue on gay theme is to be gay. I am gay - you know this, but I borrow you occasionally to make gay happy. Know that too. Gay rules me (keeps me in place). You do not. Gay. Now, gay cinema (that made by gay to be gay understated or clausen to mean without fields or barriers to route + "cinema" is only for black and white) has four (4) films that make the grade with me and others: "The Bad Seed" as mentioned with young girl as undetectable and ensuing evil to no understand ever but somewhat lessening, "The Children's Hour" as awful lesbians in hiding now uncovered to view in an unapproving society harness that (lesbians - I still don't understand what drives that mood, personally speaking tee hee), "The Women" as camping them up and sending them off per divorce - a government project starts with women and ends up where? in Reno? hardly you, and then "The Producers" showing us women as slave-drivers demanding sex for the money provided your showbiz endeavor and how the women might make the men involved happy too - kinda. Well, you know.

Don't Fight It 04/08/03 1019
Today I awoke and it feels like I slept with the dead (correct that saying from "slept like the dead" - no one sleeps like that). I spent alot of time um, counseling spirits this past martyr - not only the David Blooms of the world but also Neil Geraldo fascinating person that (one of my guitar heroes - melody base, nothing to spare ever, good looks - you know) and in my vein music world and all. Both December, um, partings and both to be back sometime as early nature taken. We need the otherworld facts better and so do you. Usually, we go through a vicious process of recall (maybe I pull your pictures up on the Internet and cringe with) or perhaps review a music profile. Yesterday it was "We Live For Love" recalled successfully and with much margin to spare we continue hear that again. Later - that "Spider James" stuff - we'll get to the bottom of that and I'll report back to self here.

The Fear Of Being Talked 04/07/03 1250
I here you out there saying about boys being dumb while you master thin-combing then a potbrush and how best to keep Nair out of your weasel when placing the back once skinless. The boy is not dumb, it is made to be perfect only. A woman seeks-ponders one of many such to truths in and around truth and casually enters the no-so-much-talk-you zone to predict her findings in each of the major categories she'll explain all of this later to eyes that bleed of it only.

You'll Never Learn 04/07/03 1142
I stole the heading above from an e-mail I received today: "Learn how to seduce women and get laid now." Can you imagine that? Seducing a woman! How best to avoid? I dunno - that mirror sexuality (big franchised balls, short but not squat possibly alluring to something wearing the same eye makeup down around the lips) sees no competitor rise above placing first and as your own perfect match you yourself think of that special someone made for each individual someone and then think right off to higher ups. It's in there. To have an idea is one thing, to execute it well quite another you're not so bad at it after all have any other ideas like this one right here? Seducing a woman just fuck her and quell that incessant giggling already. After that the hard work begins (never work for this be truly condemned by love and then thus the by-products of loving and their stated limits for acts such the self snaps back) it is now her approval you seek each appetizer to be cut in one (1) and two (2) joint decisions made against your community half as property values soar through the new roof and you simply can't believe how much equity you're making comfortably right at your own home perhaps just nearby with little risk about sitting there on her half of the last ass before you go out and get some more of where that came from. Sure, we print money up to be spent on whatever you want but sometimes we worry about what it is you'll try and collect in the root exchange of it love come down. Well, okay - hardly ever. Hey - I still hafta rent - you got to buy. A definite win for you still and her so in of it. Why do you read this stuff? I'm gay and you know what that means broadly no we delegate our authorities to others unawares beyond my belittled truth yes please that.

Tiny Bells Alert Music Mental 04/06/03 1922
I put another Stevie Nicks tune (all gone now friend - was "Two Kinds Of Love") up for your quigley and farm (she makes magic happen with nothing at all technical). No, not the "Street Angels" you what is that stuff anyway? The follow up mail-merge with Shangri-la (duty free) has at least one good tic bitten if nothing more.

Your Shit Stinks Too? No Shit Stinks As Worst At That 04/05/03 1158
Touch my sacredest pigment tit - my mother was embarrassed again. She can't stand being that object d'overs. I use other weapons of tactile destruct - better methods, how one needs to put others at ease, not invigorate them toward pursuit of higher meaning learning having. To put it mildly, an embarrassed person never stops listening to the within and suffers for it (see "Everything Is Real And Pays You To Back Down" then "Offer Nothing Then Take What Little Is Given"). I see people as nice enough, but hardly encouraging to fact (to making sense of it at all). Fact that.

You Always Winning Stuff 04/05/03 1114
If you listen to people, you find out you weren't supposed to have anything good happen for you in life at all. Not without other people happening at same rate time too. Now decisively doing and having over them? How's that? Just better folks getting it done with better folks. Apparently, I'm always winning over others but I "cheat". You were there as I struggled to the top, huh. Keep looking out the windows a day will come and you will know more about my ways around you ever a cattle call comes you. Someone still impressed told of how I won coloring contests when I was a kid and other art type stuff (they're still mad - I was no one truly but pronounced by fools of fools and their fools fooling others and other fools no one else was reasonably good neither). Here's my secret so you can finally be free of my take-all obsete: People are victims of the unexpected. Don't just color your sad egg entry, make a shitty flag for the bicentennial or secular lawn-voice Christ is here again quick tell him he's not here we are here. Something technique (like spirals of molor), but still dumb enough to compete seriously (look happened, not studied - it matters nothing sly avoid mentioning your rules say nothing of the "voices" in your head they're trying to reaffirm life for shelf-help type people who wince right here at youth and youth bears bring no gifts to the dying half). They just wanna get it over with and you gotta help make things easy just end it all. Avoid happy themes people-type wetnesses, go for mean, angry too. Death is always stark and prohibiting. Try fashioning in a volt or perhaps two of mortality plause (a death egg you looks seriously tone of it a spina bifida wing mended on the outer clip of it - all legacies foreboding the fear in you so to hatch an Easter omen). A death lapse (signal of impending doom) helps one to escape the morbid tendency afoot. Dream the leaf. For whom the whole nest boils with eggs lain.

World Stage 04/05/03 1058
At the very least, you might consider that this is world stage credo and you probably are not very astute about what that may mean to a person working out the details. No bother - it's a big deal anyway and I remind you not to think or speak as though you understand any of it (remember programming the VCR how bad it was? this is even newer computer kinda stuff - real technical and all e.g., life/death, male/female, gay/straight, park/ride - all of the really dumb human see me hear me love me fear me stuff I already thought for you about). No one understands, no one needs to. I keep it crude so you can write it all off. Take the tip. Be that one in a million odd choice. Dare to be the daringest you ever it said me how so to for.

Always Right Then And Everything You Lose 04/05/03 1038
I'm choking to deaf on fumes again - hold the chow. While trying each possible combination against me just once more than thought to be necessary by you or that once, know that I will punish you badly for announcing your cheap brand of offense here never forget this betrayal. Be willing to die for it like I am only willing to die. To know me from the past and then once more than necessary again tell me how you feel about what I'm doing or to make says to take sides against is to ask my favor I will kill you only. Who are you anyway? No one. Your idiotic mother is no one too. Both a set of plastic salad tongs grabbing as grows green. I went through a bunch of crap to allay fears in the name of a past issued me unsteady and that was not necessary either (you don't care? I make sure you do care - know better to mine there is no way out you torture me with fool I speak to their individual languages no mercy). You are not a principal here. I am the only principal. I write, you read. I imply, you infer. Keep it real and smart folks as it matters to you and whatever else you're feeling about.

Choke Box 04/05/03 1840
"Why is it you talk about people making money?" Creating a personal reality full of new tensions, language truth possibly rubbing off on me and my style-truths, helping to keep things positive and rolling my way sure still here. Sweetness, I missed any that mention of money. You miss people who suffer tremendously for years trying to make it, trying to be special the music that matters. Just kidding. It's the win we want, not the winning nature being gratified by loss unseen. Give me da facts you no matter how much it hurts my sane of it. My every good idea given you.

Ratsy Hum Home 04/05/03 1826
Another yellow-tooth bitch says "You are not talented" like I'm competing against her fashion stupidity for something of value (relief from that voice?) I'm enough to be bothered with, apparently. All about me no you. Just me and mine while supplies last. One day, a household spray (of baswats) for this pest and expectations for having better seen I take it all back you of course only you.

A World Gone Round 04/05/03 1752
I hear ya bitchin' and think nothing. Why don't you why haven't you why won't you why why why why why why why why why why. Because it's cold outside - die of Easter bubonnet. We see you writing and "that's not a job." No one contracted your services either - and hey what about your own neglects piling up. What does that answer sound like? I am God Incarnate, Fool - not one of your little friends. Stop trying to make this your presentation for the "if anyone cares" crowd. If I had the ability to be just what little you are doing nothing exceptional, you might read about it all right here. No one gives a shit about Doug - they want to discuss my inadequacies, my failures. You hold all that while I stimulate truth and put to the truth everywhere truth is valued to me. I make your care, I make you proof it all out for me and mine. Keep working on it all I say to do. Do you like my mother? Take good care of her then. I only do as opponing your every care so dumb and desperate. Every now and again, it's all just me and my own problem another lie. God you. God.

My Top Dogs No Shit 04/04/03 2146
I make sure I hear these from time to time you the rest I need to forget to you: Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" - "Gold Dust Woman" and "Songbird"; Barbra Streisand "The Broadway Album" - "I Have Dreamed / We Kiss In A Shadow / Something Wonderful" + "If I Loved You"; Madonna's self-titled debut album - "Physical Attraction"; Kiss "Destroyer" - "King Of The Night Time World" or "Sweet Pain"; Madonna "Who's That Girl" - "The Look Of Love" and title track still a big fucking hit "Elebata ei Spanitu!" for "I will speak this [all around]!" as really happy; Barbra Streisand "Memories" - "My Heart Belongs To Me"; Electric Light Orchestra "A New World Record" - "Telephone Line"; Elton John "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" - "Dirty Little Girl"; Prince And The Revolution "Purple Rain" - "The Beautiful Ones"; Fleetwood Mac's self-titled debut on Reprise - "Warm Ways"; Stevie Nicks "Bella Donna" - "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" go back to it; Cyndi Lauper "She's So Unusual" - "All Through The Night"; Elton John "Elton John's Greatest Hits Volume II" - "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds". Feelin' stronger every day wishing you were here baby what a big surprise if you leave me now you get nothing.

Love Is An Andibular Response Like Two Ends Of The Same Stick 04/04/03 1538
I was looking at the Culture Club madness-for box set now breaching fame with excesses aboard - not bad but not humbly addressed to sale neither. The boxlong cover has Boy George all made up as Uncle Same with the boys in tops (all honor music teacher Roy Hay actually - George Martin's son and the maker of rules for Culture Club and Dead or Alive and Hayzee Fantazee and others like Donna Summer). Today we see "Love Is Love" shine for us only as greatest hit never touched by you ever I just listened to it all very good of you still. God holds Boy George in abeyance until he stops being a Jew to people. That is not what founded his success. Start there and see encouraging print on the Rosie O'Donnell E! story with him in it. "Love Twist (featuring Captain Crucial)" I honor it's just Hayzee Fantazee all over it you.

Colour My Worls 04/04/03 1155
What is it about buying a record? Having whomever play for you on-demand. Very important that concept "on-demand" - that's what stops people from getting to where they're going. "On-demand" says I gotta hear it no matter what you. Anything else says someone else might overhear us. When I play music, it's like being a radio station with other people listening in (I'm very self-conscient - how 'bout you?) I can't have just anyone playing their stuff here at my station - what will my listeners think? See us first. Light up my life, Madonna.

Add To Below 04/04/03 1028
All the great stuff out there, and I gotta write the album names I'm writing below. What's wrong with you people? The next one hereafter is Pablo Cruise you should die of it now love will find a way (sorry to Mars your dad as vomished - who am I after all? only God you only God that word so small a last breath - buckets of money say fuck it that's sunny). Not nearly I'll get to it. Why buy Billy Joel "Glass Houses" you? "All For Leyna" took away that decision, Fool. As for Chicago, they are only great, but I never got around to buying any of their stuff. They are truly great though and I love hearing their stuff around town. Thanks for nothing to ET for corroborating the Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" update of nineteen million in sales to date as aired last night.

Eleven Post Eleven 04/03/03 1728
Starting with what we had, eleven (11) more to short us out album-wise: Stevie Wonder "Songs In The Key Of Life" (8.2), Eagles "The Long Run" (7.6) (Note: Makes use of too many others - may not see fit as usual when Gary West and Mark Smith make the music happen; key off if necessary now "Those Shoes"), Prince And The Revolution (see Wendy and Lisa) "Purple Rain" (8.3) - x, Chicago "Chicago IV" (6.5), Fleetwood Mac's self-titled debut on Reprise (6.5) - x, ties with Chicago "Chicago V" (7.2) (Note: There could be more records here on this part of the list, but no one plays live well it matters you), Rod Stewart "Storybook VH-1" (7.3) (Note: Sold only to Asia Minor and keys of Japan - not here; retitled didn't do well we leave in as common note - you've heard it all), Pablo Cruise "Worlds Away [to Sanchez]" (9.3) (Note: Sold mostly to France; asks no one to buy it with heartrending cover), Stevie Nicks "Bella Donna" (8.3) - x, Barbra Streisand "A Star Is Born (Soundtrack)" (6.5) - x no - not me only my mother had this and killed it dead for me with romance woes - we took the fabulous "Evergreen" else did you really write the music this Barbra?, Cyndi Lauper "She's So Unusual" (7.2) - x, Elton John "Elton John's Greatest Hits Volume II" (8.3) - x (Hey - I got the original vinyl issues that matter Baby mit all da posters - really only one for "Captain Fantastic" - plus the comic book and scrapbook you for "Captain Fantastic" and "Elton John's Greatest Hits Volume II", respectively). That's all twenty one (21) places now, but know slightly larger that Elton John's first greatest hits record would be number twenty-five (25) on this list as obvious omission. Remember, these albums are in all-time sales order (someone opened up their wallet for the course order). The digital amount in brackets is relative placement according to use, not sales. The album made it into more hands than sales would allow. See it. By the way, albums provided to sale by Columbia House and BMG Music Service are relegated to the "use" pile in brackets as not paid for. The artist took a hit on sales and that counts us. The artist has to sell to first-rate consumers to win here on this list of serving many. The whole idea of after-market sales is no one is willing to do unless you do first (provide credit for the sale on order). Not a true winner. To have to buy. To take away the decision to buy. To win. To truth x 3.

Like Money In The Bank You 04/03/03 1316
I was talking to mind yesterday about the advent of cash and its use in America. Cut to a sight of Mary (the Mother of God) in human form taking bills from a wallet and almost struggling with tears in the absence of any knowing by me as to what the problem was. I enquire. Mary had a problem with people who expected to receive without first giving and without note of return (and perhaps I resign myself to an even truer evil than I suspected not at all to exist). The dollar more than suggests a return on having given what and Mary hated it to tears. I expect commerce to rule and it has bettered us in every way, but be reminded that the Mary's of the world plague us still and men must not have it. The Mary-insisted "I don't want people taking from me without getting to know us first" exists everywhere you are today thanks to? And plus worth not you: "You want to exchange your baubles for this - a pittance in pay." Cure of this ugly soon. The day I work for a dollar is the day you see me shine. Our world shines us only.

My Jesus Is Overheard 04/03/03 1142
Was talking To Gary Numan in mind and I bothered to be corrected over a lyric times x2 (once said once done). For "My Jesus": "my jesus is most like me | my jesus is most about myself | my jesus | most enjoys me without myself | i'm waiting | for | my | soul". Other thoughts on Gary Numan's lyrics here by same.

Leave No Box Unchecked 04/03/03 1059
In repose "We don't like him - and that's that." I caution use not to plug up the works with send or invoke of my name or likeness or vault of deed. Plug up to yours only. To express sentiment against my welcome is just at that. Seek entry. All is not free.

Worship The Dead They May Live The Likes Of Used Yet 04/02/03 1925
Sung in commercial I barely noticed: "Jesus thank you for having been we need you again ["see only us this time" as implied]. Good luck to Jew both - may your paths be plagued with pride and just having as the knowing hole rides vouch nigger all the way to Bojangles. Corrigans is shit used wipe and should call first. Previous revisions to kind faith suggest Jesus isn't really dead - he is me reliving heaven and hell right in front of the veri-threat that made this the carrot-can-catch of both toot and timber. At the very least a significant passing of the armrest from Abraham to Christ all balled up in the spare tire compartment. Never bring me back from black jack by erase-checking the "least likely to hate the crime" box next to the historically ridiculing wraland that up-ended any search by my name as now then being referenced to the errant hateful just a handful of magical pebbles away from the rock that wished no one would use a cigarette lighter to pump up a flat tire now permanently repaired with spray cans that hiss like God death each time a woman emerges from unusual predicament as yet unscathed to plause-figment a more reliant self unbolting lug nuts with a little can of Bee-Hive BSB (better stand back). Had a tire razzle right off the rim. As usual, you know more.

Never Do That 04/02/03 1627
When you're super smart, you know there are things you should never do on the Internet: never give your real name on post or use it to name a site's content, don't log in too many hours at the table spent as visibly seen, don't make too many arrangements with people you don't know well, never describe yourself doing anything inaccurate, unwieldly, or dishonest in faith being illegal in all types. So what you I do them all rather than have your voice hear listening as we speak. Today's challenge was to speak on methamphetamine - our powder varieties drug of choice here on the western side. Here goes: Way back you, I used to tell stupid people when asked of doing drugs "No - my body has enough to contend with - thanks" ever-appreciative of a health others took for granted and threw my way excising any health added that generates rapturous beauty in the course of treatment swift. Then around the beginning of annual mesmerine 1993 I began to also bore myself technically speaking and I experimented with an even newer saying: "I need to experience all that is available for myself." That having held up amply, I tried cocaine (loved that only loved it) and crystal methamphetamine (my only grace ever you - this simply made God of you I remember my mind after enduring seeming to speed up like it was clearing out the concrete and getting real smart - even as now finishing the sentences of others reading minds sure that's well). Having gone straight to eternal Heaven on impact (no shit), this known to us as Berautsh imparts the ability to perceive (feel like you're in) Heaven. I was wrong only ever. Upon snorting just a bit pitch you are the feeling known as "incredibly sexual", everything is only seen as lovely ever to the mind that knows now the best of it all only, and the flavor lasts all day you to be. Sure you go through the individual phases of masturbating endlessly in the perfect happy of self never actually achieving erection for anyone and the things you may do beyond harm (sexually embarrassing stuff with others as all piqued and prined for the prey) are at once sensed a day or two later to your model diminishment, but why cast lines further? Keep it home. Keep it simple. "People are looking at you!" Meth makes the days and nights fly by at pocket speed like Heaven's sense of it you don't wanna drink you don't wanna eat you don't wanna sleep but the law of diminishing returns applies and in time vule nodo even though an erection pomps again with a record of steady abuses behind you. Hey - it's not a lifestyle you like heroin chic you gotta be adult not once again model. Too dark side I acquit. You'll alienate the entire world while living the height of exchange each weekend (this our starts Thursday evening) for a slow and slovenly during the week don't even ask to me take from my dead fingers however still clean. Less: Heroin kills, this does not hurt anyone only a life loser never had the chance dies from my drugs. What? We don't like you either - why ask to claim it? Think about something else now and how nice that might be try as you may have none before our time. So - there it is all spoken to and quite dangerous me hope I die of you first. Chomp magnasex ain't everything Monkey Shines Age Of Seeing The AYDS But Not Actually Needing To Touch It (see the AYDS and gay converge at the very same time for each only Doug from the death equals silence camper). At this time I'd like to buy another "phase". See you in court extolling my rand of virtues only. P.S. Every other intended violate by Internet has indeed punished me roundly. So what you to world stage I glamour and eat that. Sketch 2: It's that whole William Hurt 'Altered States' thing to Patchis Bill. It'll send ya straight to someone's livid memory of being gang-raped in the Halo Desert - a true fortune in health wisers to say it like this.

Nothing Too Smart 04/02/03 XXXX
Jewish Conspirator Geoff writes in via e-mail: "Doug, I don't understand the Jewish conspiracy? Maybe you could explain it to me. Also, you wouldn't happen to know why there is so much pressure in my ears do you? Forever greatful, Geoff" Well Geoff, I never liked that fancy spelling of "Queaf" (or "grateful"), but I'll partin' the seas for ya. The Jews know that I'm no Archie Bunker nor can we be friends nor can I admit failure when it comes to them they are simply trubble laid bare a fight with God is all I know they have the details too. As no loyalty in mine rests, I question my own sympathies for a plight I myself created and held to the acid test a fork barely cuts it open for the bleed eat more with a lipspoon and a hammertien. Conspiracy? Anything smart-sounding can't be that right in truth so dumb. I see no conspiracies fade with women involved and asking permission to know more of what hates it - they simply go away then afterwhisk wash ashore to bleed some more for you. I hate talking at all these days about anything my bladder has started keeping the color yellow just to be safe in more striped times to come. A Jew is no bother really - but say nothing to yourself alone in your head for fear of launching another symbiost gnat attack on Zest soap or lazy marmalades made in the shade of a lime tree. They are always the first to be bothered with anything and have messed with every goddamned thing ever saw fit to hide from evermore. Teach that what came natural is not your next opportunity to replace a limb with itty bitty shards of soap stuffed to formgrip in a clisp of pantyhose gone man-child for sorts. The pressure in your ears is from too much pampling up the wist. May lead to wonder ear - talk fast.

Tits Divine Sees No Fine 04/02/03 0650
When I hear too much womanhood of my world in the dink nagging all the time and rejecting each forth with a dartwink and a tacit agreement that more will follow this be sure of it, Annie better get her Sally Hansen nail gun. A woman is thrice stupid always and cooks and cleans best before her home has done anything new first after her. Where a cookbook fails to stir up common interest for identifying the individual pro-power tools of advent use and simply their correct home-shopping names by counterfind, a recipe for cheeseless lasagne may be priceless add fact. For the suffers, I present the women-only world we keep and make with - you guessed it - women only a punishment for you even still: Women are left in this otherworld as youth and are not allowed to breathe word of Earth as it is not in the mind. No man ever walked in their shadows and no woman ever made a man feel guilty just women do that. A woman has no teeth because she lost them to other sources she makes takes and also feels sex is useless but enjoyable (in this the clinical penis but a God-like art ending). She just rubs peirponts together at the wench with other females and no penetration is evaluated as no one there thinks penetration is worth anything other than a snooze or a bath (I simply understand - rubbing togther can be great sex if the object anus hasn't extended its plymat welcome to roundabout or source of leviture, also see no wish of aftersex filth beyond barnyard basics). There are but three (3) types of buildings: a lean-to (all shields to weathering), a happenstance (party room), and a marving (a place to sleep). All are grass, the weather is usual, and the snow is light. Places to be. No one made a building yet - the elements are borne by fronts all seen to them (they say). They run into caves not hospitable when times get tough and wait for object talk (cool lines, no smooth or hurried - smooth is a bother too for no thought of here). Otherwise, blankets and fur trade. Housing is short and rude. No coverings, just marsh grasses and certain other applications of sand and dirt. They don't raise food, they pick it off the ground. All fruit ripens there they say and they eat less of it still than we do. They are slight and female mind you - not much to burden with thought. They grow only wheat and serve it cold in stew ripened as serving hot is unheard of - a bother. All weed mats, no rugs. Nothing technical, nothing perfect. They worship a God called "Hynd" (no appear) for "over here" and motion but up with two (2) fingers index and fore and down with the same two (2) fingers for stray (left here, not with) and hold (still with us), respectively. No language but hyphens (sounds of). All talk is barking for attention and laughing aloud like a "Little House On The Mosages" school for the deaf-defying threet (arm-ampled scream). More later of this downtime five hundred plus (500+) years in the making of ten (10) years worth of intrude. No one has the right to know of this either. We take it away for being here too. A transfer of sorts may be necessary one green day for now one rests but is out picking lanterns (timmle woods that ignite softly - we spotted them a single fire long ago) for fueling their house rods (large spectacles of light shining from cans - sort of you). The space's name? Arsedian. The moniker means "done without me" in French-laden text.

I'm A Model You 04/02/03 0343
No law against being a jerk yet - see small claims court (the ever ever land of judicial appeals that) for what you had in me taken aback by it. You feel real bad because you have nothing to be happy about I guessed of it again. We compound the loss daily for all advances over zero and then by an enormed weighted latherage you would only understand against. The latest high of dignity shaft is "Dougpledge Moonathon I need to die forever you because my mother hatched hatred on the wing bitten of zet morben." No one cares - you are already in the dead zone and I'm just trying to get back to whatever I was doing before you beat me to the biggest button at the bop and any chance of saving least was lease-held to congressive bidders and near-paltry wage status ("Have may I sniff for Thousand Nessle, Porn Ranch, or the Honey-Roasted DeTwilliger in our very own calvaquote slathers?") Everyone's an aspiring model ("What? I got the look you") investigating the world of bit opportunity if each only as hamming it up at a burgerfest fried. Save the real good stuff for someone better like you. It's only me talking now and later and you know I hate seeing a better person than me in need's way but only having enough by said for it to make do with what's mine like I've had to make do with what you are talking of this to me endless as batched overhead like we doin' it togetherage team-player types as and I was born. Go into the light of your choice you and after you're smug satisfied I'll make you of retondo dumb and you can re-emerge as I see no scent of change for me else.

Plural Effusion By Scent Not Smell 04/01/03 1330
Il Gadgeous III: "He's really weird. Isn't that enough to help him down off of this mighty place the Internet." Sanch that. I've written great tissue before, but that crocks my sinches by at least one-half a flocked franche. Caring starts close to the fertile pine home, perhaps a shelf by poised strokehalf within it eral painted with glass spockles of your precary and choice made known. Tea tip. Let the sun rule your vascuss heart for but a day, I'll take what's left when the darkness hits it twice blind. Three blind mice see how they run one led the others off to see the battle was won. Champ cheese wins all takes some back home. "I can't believe he writes this stuff and gets away with it." Bet you can't. The whole world tuned right in each time you complained of its being and now that it's mostly gone you still don't need a watch to know you're still having a hard time telling it. The people that get paid by you and perhaps fuck you can only do so much to theirselves in a match of wits against your coin per vour little interests you. I am the crime I said no you said nothing to know. Heal the world, Bitch. Been wundrin' what you've been getting away with up 'til nil I tingle to touch but see you keep all of your thighsocks three (3) drawers down below the pull-out snack cake server and your cedar-lined escafe of hand wogs (um, for post mortem drip as lying in state) each matrified with the Ralph Lauren family crest now slightly bleached by the cavoyles of each harm advanced of now has again. Brave a prayer.

Still Ain't Right 04/01/03 1250
More magical ways soon my pet, soon you. Sportster: "long ago | and oh so far away | i fell in love with you | before the second show | your guitar | it sounds so sweet and clear | but you're not really here | it's just the lavido | don't you remember you told me you loved me baby? | said you'd be coming back this way again maybe | baby baby baby baby oh baby | i love you | i really do" sing-sing a song you mith.